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Press Release - UN/ITALY. Cooperation UN/IDLO for Peace and Development. Italy's support to a new IDLO project for Least Developed Countries



Press Release - UN/ITALY. Cooperation UN/IDLO for Peace and Development. Italy's support to a new IDLO project for Least Developed Countries

New York, 7 November 2018. The Italian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Mariangela Zappia, hosted today at the Permanent Mission of Italy in New York a meeting to present a new IDLO (International Development Law Organization) project in support of rule of law in the field of investment attraction in the least developed countries. The launch of the project has been financed by Italy with a contribution of 200,000 Euros.

The Director General of IDLO Irene Khan, the High Representative of the UN Secretary-General for the Least Developed, Landlocked and Small Developing Islands, Fekitamoeloa Katoa 'Utoikamanu, UNODC, and representatives from 21 Countries attended the meeting.

The event has provided an opportunity to exchange views on the importance of intensifying collaboration between the United Nations and other international and regional organizations, such as IDLO, in order to maximize efforts in support of sustaining peace and sustainable development processes. "The strengthening of partnerships between the United Nations and international and regional organizations is one of the cornerstones of the reform of the UN system outlined by the Secretary General. Italy shares this path. The leadership of the United Nations for peace, development and rights is and must remain undisputed: for this we need a reformed, more effective and integrated Organization. Nonetheless, the United Nations cannot do everything on its own: it must be able, on the basis of principles of subsidiarity and complementarity, to count on the capacities, tools, technical knowledge or relative to specific geographical areas, held by organizations such as IDLO. Last year, we started reflecting in New York on the important synergies to be consolidated between this organization and the UN. As a IDLO long-standing partner, Italy continues to strongly support this collaboration" Zappia stated.

The crucial role of the rule of law in peace processes and sustainable development - which is among Italy’s priority for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and, in particular, for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals related to justice and the consolidation of responsible and inclusive institutions-, has been discussed.

Ambassador Zappia commented: "Our support to the IDLO project is among the initiatives promoted by Italy for the development of structured partnerships with African Countries and the small developing islands of the Pacific, Caribbean, Africa, and India. Our approach aims to combine humanitarian assistance, development cooperation, investments and private sector promotion, to face together, in a coordinated and effective way, today’s international challenges - from conflict situations to world hunger, from climate change to migration. Our goal is to contribute, in accordance with the principles of solidarity and shared responsibility, to the consolidation of inclusive, prosperous and respectful of human rights’ societies. The Ambassador has recalled, in this regard, the results of the 2nd Italy-Africa Conference hosted in Rome on 24 and 25 October 2018 and the Med Dialogues which will be held for the fourth time in Rome from 22 to 24 November 2018.

IDLO, based in Rome, is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the promotion of the rule of law and good governance practices in developing countries, countries in economic transition and countries just out of armed conflicts. Since its establishment in 1983, IDLO has trained more than 20,000 lawyers in more than 175 countries.