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UNSC - Briefing on Ukraine



UNSC - Briefing on Ukraine

UNSC Briefing on Ukraine
July 29th 2022

Statement by the Permanent Representative of Italy, Amb. Maurizio Massari


Mister President,

I would like to thank Brazil for organizing this timely briefing and USG Di Carlo for her insightful update of the situation on the ground. Italy aligns itself with the statement delivered by the Representative of the European Union and would like to add some remarks in its national capacity.

Italy welcomes the agreement reached in Istanbul to resume the crucial export of grains from Ukrainian Black Sea ports. Its full swift and effective implementation is of utmost importance for the entire international community. It is a key mechanism to ensure access to food and prevent a worse food crisis, especially in the most exposed and vulnerable Countries in Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia, which cannot afford additional risks of famine.

Mr President,

Let me first commend the personal commitment and leadership of the Secretary General, as well as the action and key and tireless efforts of Martin Griffiths, Rebeca Grynspan, and their teams, that have been proven decisive in reaching this agreement. We also thank the outstanding engagement by Turkyie to effectively channel diplomatic efforts, while also hosting the Joint Coordination Centre in Istanbul that will oversee departures from three Ukrainian ports and the implementation of the provision of the agreement. We hope that it will also be a positive step toward a wider diplomatic engagement.

While reaffirming its unwavering support to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, Italy stands firm in the strongest condemnation of the unjustified and unprovoked aggression by the Russian Federation. We are profoundly disturbed by the continuing attacks, underlined by USG Di Carlo, on civilians, including women and children, and by the testimonies and reports of war crimes, grave breaches of international humanitarian law, and serious violations of international human rights law perpetrated by the Russian armed forces.

But also the global impacts of Russian aggression are becoming more and more evident by the day, due to the constraints on agricultural production and distribution, price raisings is exposing developing and vulnerable Countries to multi-dimensional crises reported by the UN Global Crisis Response Group. Since the beginning of the war, millions of tons of grain have been stuck in Ukraine’s Black Sea ports and even targeted by Russian shelling, triggering enormous humanitarian consequences on developing countries, condemning to starvation children, women and men far from the frontline of the conflict. We shall do everything in our capacity to mitigate, limit and address all the effects that this aggression is causing on developing countries all over the world.

While we blame the Russian missile strikes in Odessa the very same day after the signature of Istanbul and again three days ago, we call particularly on Russia to swiftly, fully, and in good faith implement the agreement in order to allow the grains’ exports can quickly resume with a safe and secure passage of ships. Ultimately, to avoid further disruptions in food distribution, we urge Russia to stop the war without further delay.

Italy will continue to actively support global food security, also by building upon the effective implementation of this agreement and as the host Country of a major partner of the UN Rome based Agencies.

I thank you.