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Meeting del Gruppo di Amici della Sicurezza Alimentare e della Nutrizione



Meeting del Gruppo di Amici della Sicurezza Alimentare e della Nutrizione

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Introduzione dell'Amb. Stefano Stefanile, Vice Rappresentante Permanente dell'Italia presso le Nazioni Unite

Excellencies, dear colleagues,

I have the pleasure to warmly welcome you to the first meeting of the Group of Friends of Food Security and Nutrition in 2021. I wish you the best for the new year that has just started, in the hope that it will bring better prospects for us all.

First off, let me thank the Secretariat of the UN Food Systems Summit, starting with the Special Envoy of the Secretary General, Dr. Agnes Kalibata, as well as the UN Foundation, today represented by its President and CEO, Amb. Elizabeth Cousens, for partnering with us in the realization of this event. This event will also benefit from the active contribution of the three Rome-based Agencies - FAO, IFAD and WFP - and of UNEP.

After a very challenging 2020, we are all looking forward to this new year, which is bound to be crucial for a better, greener and more sustainable recovery, and in which a strengthened global commitment to Food Security and Nutrition will certainly be a core and pivotal element.

You will remember that last year we discussed at length in this Group of Friends, the impact of the pandemic on food availability and supply, as well as on the food systems, globally and we all agreed that this impact wasvery dire and diversified.

Most recently, the Nobel-Peace-Awarded World Food Program stated to expect to serve 138 million people this year, which is more than ever in its 60-year history, due to what it called the “3Cs”: Conflicts, COVID and Climate.

At the same time, the FAO Food Price Index just registered a new rise last December. which wasled by high demands, increasing concern for drier and warmer conditions and by short supplies of various products at the global level.

Against this background, this year’s UN Food Systems Summit provides indeed a unique opportunity for an urgent call to global action. From this it comes the the intention to intensify the activity of this Group of Friends, focusing more and more on the FSS preparatory process.

Our main objectives would be:

to provide an informal platform of discussion – which would be complementary to and synergic with the role of the FSS Advisory Board - between Member States, the FSS Secretariat and the whole UN System throughout the preparatory process leading to the Summit in September,

to highlight the key connections between food systems and food security and nutrition with the wider UN agenda and the other relevant SDGs. ,

to keep mainstreaming the Food Security and Nutrition Agenda in all the relevant UN processes, promoting also, as much as possible, action-driven initiatives.

In a nutshell, we would like to tap on the potential of this Group of Friends to effectively support the efforts of the UN System towards a successful Food Systems Summit next September.

We are ready to do so not only as Chair of this Group, not only as host Country of the FSS pre-Summit next July and promoter of the Food Coalition Initiative in Rome, but also as current Presidency of the G20, which will pay due attention to Food Security and Nutrition. There will be more than one occasionthe Agriculture Ministerial Meeting in September in Florence, but also the Foreign Affairs and Development Ministerial Meetings, respectively in Matera and Brindisi, in June, and eventually the Leaders’ Summit, in Rome, at the end of October.

Having said that, let me briefly outline the program for today’event.

First of all, we will have opening remarks from our co-partners: the Special Envoy of the Secretary General, Dr. Kalibata, and the President and CEO of the UN Foundation, Amb. Cousens.

Then, we will have an update on the FSS preparatory process, by the Deputy of the Special Envoy, Martin Frick a special focus on the 5 Action Tracks of the Summit and the so-called lever of changes.

This will be followed by brief contributions from Senior Representatives of FAO, IFAD, WFP and UNEP which I will introduce later on.

After that we will open the floor for intervention by Member. Several Member States have already indicated their intention to intervene when they have confirmed their attendance, so a preliminary speakers’ list has already been established. Nonetheless, we will do our best to accommodate few additional requests, if time allows.

Now, without further ado, I give the floor to the Special Envoy for the 2021 Food Systems Summit, Dr. Agnes Kalibata, for her remarks.





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