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Security Council – Joint Stakeout on Sudan

Statement on Sudan by the five EU Members of the Security Council (Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and the UK) joined by Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden as previous EU Members of the Security Council —


The Security Council received a briefing from the Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on Sudan, Nicholas Haysom on the latest developments in Sudan. We condemn the violent attacks in Sudan by Sudanese security services against civilians, resulting in the killing and injuring of many. We are also deeply concerned about reports that injured civilians have been prevented from accessing medical facilities.

These attacks jeopardize the important transition process. We urge the Sudanese security services to cease all acts of violence, respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, and to ensure the safety and security of civilians. We call for an immediate cessation of violence and accountability for crimes committed and underline the responsibility of the Transitional military council in ensuring the safety of all Sudanese.

The unilateral announcement to cease negotiations, appoint a government and call for elections within a too short period of time is of great concern.

We support the people of Sudan in search for an agreed and orderly transition, led by civilians, and for them to establish the conditions for elections, which have to be free and fair. We call for an agreed transfer of power to a civilian-led government as demanded by the people of Sudan.

We welcome the statements by the Secretary-General and the Chairperson of the African Union and support the firm leadership role of the African Union.

The people of Sudan have continued to show incredible bravery and perseverance in their dignified demands for a better future and an end to authoritarian rule. We support their democratic right and stand by them.

Thank you.