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74th UNGA – UN Climate Action Summit 2019

National Statement delivered by Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, at the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 (September 23, 2019) —

Excellences, Youth Delegates,

thank to the leadership and the vision of the Secretary-General, today we confirm that we want to act responsibly for the present and the future of our planet.

The time for debates and declarations is over.

We must take immediate and collective action to tackle one of the greatest existential challenges for human kind.

Italy you can be sure will continue to support the Paris Agreement as a necessary and irreversible process, and to pursue its swift and full implementation.

Italy is finalizing its long-term greenhouse gases’ strategy, which aims at carbon neutrality by 2050. This commitment will include facing out coal fire power by 2025. Our energy transition is based on increased efficiency and development of renewable energy sources, including the new ones such as waves. Thanks to the leading and innovative role of our private sector, Italy is pursuing one of the world’s most ambitious de-carbonization programs.

In this ambitious economic transformation, we will leave no one behind and then we will ensure a fair and inclusive process. Our government has launched a Green New Deal to design all national public investment programs to be consistent with the goal of reaching net zero emissions within 2050.

We will review all subsidies for environmentally harmful industrial activities. Moreover, the deal will provide a wide range of job opportunities in green sectors. We are pleased to bring to the summit a flagship Initiative for the Coalition on the Energy Transition track called Catalyzing the Energy Transition through Digital Power Infrastructures.

Based on a public-private partnership, it aims to digitalize energy infrastructure and promote renewable energies and energy efficiency especially in developing countries. Italy will also continue to support the work to other Coalitions, nature-based solutions, resilience and adaptation, and social political drivers for climate change.

We will also focus on youth and citizen mobilization, aware of the disproportionate impact of climate change on future generations.

Italy joins the goal for the successful replenishment of the green climate fund, and is ready to provide its contribution consistent with its previous commitments. Finally, let me stress that Italy and the United Kingdom, and Boris Johnson is coming to talk after me, have formed a strong partnership to host COP 26 and its preparatory events in 2020. We are committed to a very ambitious conference with your support.

Thank you very much.