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Security Council – Meeting in Arria Formula on “Crimea: 7 years of violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”

Statement by the Deputy Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations, Ambassador Stefano Stefanile, at the Security Council meeting in Arria formula on “Crimea: 7 years of violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” —


Madam Chair,

In line with UN General Assembly Resolution 68/262, Italy reaffirms its condemnation of the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, which remains a challenge to the international legal order, and its non-recognition of such act.

We will continue to stand in solidarity with Ukraine, reiterating our unwavering support for its sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and independence.

As a staunch supporter of effective multilateralism, Italy, together with its partners, will also keep raising concerns over the situation in the peninsula in relevant international fora.

We remain deeply and specifically concerned about the human rights situation in Crimea, in light of its significant deterioration due to reported systematic restrictions of fundamental freedoms and of minority rights. We remain also seriously concerned about the conditions of the local population, which continues to bear the heaviest burden.

We call for the full respect of international humanitarian and human rights’ law in the Crimean Peninsula, in line with the pertinent General Assembly Resolutions, which Italy supported and co-sponsored.

We also maintain that all human rights violations must be duly investigated and that human rights actors, including international observer missions and monitoring mechanisms, should be granted full and unhindered access to the peninsula.

As we are entering the seventh year of conflict in Eastern Ukraine, we welcome the general holding of the ceasefire and we encourage the sides to commit to it in order to ensure a conducive environment for negotiations.

On that note, we reaffirm our strong support for the ongoing efforts being made within existing formats to advance the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, namely within the Normandy Format and the Trilateral Contact Group.

We once again call on all sides to uphold their commitments under the Minsk Agreements and constructively engage at the negotiating table to that effect, as the only way towards a sustainable and peaceful solution.

In conclusion, we would like to renew our solidarity to Ukraine and reiterate our pledge to remain engaged, together with our partners, on this highly important and sensitive issue.

I thank you.