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Security Council Open Arria-formula Meeting – Threats to international peace and security caused by Transnational Activities of Terrorist Groups

Security Council Open Arria-formula Meeting

“Threats to international peace and security caused by Transnational Activities of Terrorist Groups”

31 August 2022

National statement by Italy


Thank you, Mr. Chair.

Italy would like to add current support to the statement of the EU Ambassador and thank the Missions of Kenya and the United Arab Emirates for organizing this timely debate and the briefers for their insightful remarks.

There is a need for a broader strategy that adequately addresses the complex and transnational nature of terrorism. The recent attack launched by Al Shabaab against the Hayat Hotel in Mogadishu, confirms that terrorism remains a major threat for many African countries. We are assisting to an ever-increasing expansion of the terrorist threat due to a sophistication of means. This alarming developments demand a strong and united response of the international community and a comprehensive approach in order to tackle the root causes of terrorism.

The Security Council plays a crucial role in this regard, setting the priorities in fighting transnational terrorist groups and further strengthening the collaboration with regional and international organizations. The evolving capabilities of terrorist groups often leave countries affected and border countries unable to stem their attacks. Members of terrorist groups and transnational criminal organizations continue to exploit the weakness of border infrastructure. Banning terrorists, the transnational organized crime networks that enable them, and stemming the flow of foreign terrorist fighters, is a critical element of global counter-terrorism efforts. Data sharing is essential within the framework of biometric controls.

Along these agreed lines of action, Italy gives its contribution and full support.

• We actively support UNOCT

• In 2022, we contributed to UNCCT to train border security experts in West Africa to prevent and detect the movement of terrorists.

• We also promote several capacity building initiatives to the benefit of the African Union and African countries, among which training activities in favor of local judicial to improve their capabilities in the sector of “battlefield evidence”.

• Following an Italian proposal, the Africa Focus Group was launched last year within the Global coalition against-Daesh, and it is currently co-chaired by Italy, the US, Niger and Morocco.

• At the same time, we contribute to the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund, also active in Somalia, to support programs led by local civil societies.

• We endorse the mandate of the African Union Transition Mission to Somalia/ATMIS, and the EU Missions in Somalia, with the aim of further bolstering Somali institutions.

• Starting from September 20th, together with Nigeria, we will co-chair the criminal Justice – Rule of Law Working group within the Global Counter terrorism Forum.

Much has been accomplished to define this threat and to provide the affected countries with effective tools, but much more needs to be done.

Italy stands ready to face this challenge.

I thank you.