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Peacebuilding Commission Formal Meeting on the New Agenda for Peace


Peacebuilding Commission Formal Meeting on the New Agenda for Peace

2 February 2022

Statement of Italy delivered by the Permanent Representative, Ambassador Maurizio Massari


Dear Colleagues,

We all have national priorities.

But when it comes to peacebuilding, we must find a common ground.

We must respect the needs, the aspirations, and the proposals coming from the Countries and the communities which address the Peacebuilding Commission, no matter if they are in line or not with our national priorities.

Italy, of course, believes that some topics deserve to be on top of the agenda and be at the focus of PBC’s efforts:

  • food security, for its vital implications;
  • inclusivity, engagement with civil societies (women and youth) and promotion of the rule of law, as solid and reliable institutions are the backbone of trust within societies;
  • the devastating effects of climate change on peace and security, representing for many the single greatest threat to their wellbeing, security and livelihoods;
  • support to regional and sub regional organizations in their peacebuilding efforts;
  • prioritizing the needs of the most vulnerable countries and regions;
  • using PBC’s convening role to speed up the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;
  • increasing the funding to peacebuilding, also through assessed contributions, which remains an unfinished business;
  • a more ambitious and structured collaboration between the Peacebuilding Commission and the Security Council, aligning their agendas and organizing meetings between these two bodies.

Yet, the starting point is respecting the national ownership and local communities, supporting their development needs.


We need international cooperation, as opposed to fragmentation.

Within and outside the Peacebuilding Commission, Italy intends to bridge this increasing, devastating divide, to restore trust, to find common grounds.

We owe it to the people and the communities who turn to the Peacebuilding Commission for its support.

Thank you.