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Statement by Italy’s Permanent Representative Amb. Maurizio Massari on draft resolution entitled “International Day for the Prevention of and Fight against All Forms of Transnational Organized Crime”

PR conv lotta criminalita’

Mr President,

Thank you for including this resolution on the agenda of this session of the General Assembly.

On behalf of its main sponsors, Austria, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Japan, Morocco, Peru, Saudi Arabia and my own country, Italy, I have the honor to present to this distinguished Assembly the resolution entitled, “International Day for the Prevention of and Fight against All Forms of Transnational Organized Crime.” Italy stands united with our distinguished partners in the Core Group in addressing this critical issue, which threatens all Member States in various ways.

The recent open debate on “Threats to International Peace and Security – Transnational Organized Crime, Growing Challenges and New Threats”, held in December 2023, highlighted the serious concerns expressed by the Security Council regarding this escalating threat.

The passionate intervention of the Ecuadorian Chair, speaking both as President of the Council and as a representative of a country deeply affected by organized crime, resonated with us all and was a grim premonition of what followed earlier this year.

In reaffirming our commitment to the fight against this scourge, we echo the sentiments expressed by the Secretary-General on the same occasion: “Transnational organized crime is a vicious threat to peace, security and sustainable development wherever it operates. And it operates everywhere – in all countries, rich and poor, North and South, developed and developing.” As also highlighted in the Security Council statement, strengthening cooperation and prioritizing prevention are paramount to effectively addressing this complex issue.

Mr/Madam President,

The proposed International Day serves as an important platform to raise awareness and promote coordinated efforts to combat transnational organized crime. It also provides an opportunity to highlight the continued relevance of the Palermo Convention, the most effective international legal instrument in this fight, which last year celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its entry into force.

Our draft resolution proposes 15 November as the designated date for the International Day, in line with the adoption of the Palermo Convention by the General Assembly. This symbolic date reminds us of our collective commitment to uphold the principles enshrined in the Convention.

The International Day is also a solemn occasion to pay tribute to the victims of transnational organized crime, including the brave public servants who have dedicated their lives to the cause. Their sacrifices must not go unnoticed, and this day provides an opportunity to pay tribute to their unwavering commitment and bravery.


Mr President,

On behalf of the main sponsors of this proposal, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the esteemed representatives of all Member States who actively participated in the consultation process and provided valuable insights that contributed to the refinement of the draft resolution. I would also like to thank all the delegations that co-sponsored it and invite those who have not yet done so, to consider co-sponsoring the draft resolution.

Excellencies and Colleagues,

The proclamation of this International Day is not merely symbolic; it is a tangible manifestation of our unity in confronting the scourge of transnational organized crime with unwavering determination. The adoption of this resolution will mark a significant step forward in our common quest for a safer and more just world.

Thank you.