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The Departments

(update in progress)

Ambassador Maurizio MASSARI
Permanent Representative


Ambassador Gianluca GRECO
Deputy Permanent Representative


First Counsellor Pietro DE MARTIN TOPRANIN
Political coordinator. Coordination of the IV Committee activities, EU art. 34, and EU-UN Relations.

demartin 100


First Counsellor Nikola JOVANOVIC
Security Council- Europe, Asia. I Committee. Non-Proliferation and Disarmament. Nuclear Weapons. Cyber security. UN-OSCE Relations.

First Counsellor Giorgia DE PAROLIS
Security Council’s Reform. UN Senior Personnel and Recruitment Procedures. Relations with Italian UN Personnel and supervision of groundwork for the JPO selection. Parliamentary initiatives and activities.
consdeparolis 100 1


Counsellor Francesco FEDELE
Security Council-Latin America. Election Officer. Mediation, Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping. Simulation of UN Negotiations (UN Model).
Francesco FEDELE


Counsellor Matthias CLAIVAZ
Security Council-Africa. Piracy. NEPAD. Relations with African Union and sub-regional organizations.


First Secretary Francesca DATOLA
Security Council-Mediterranean Area and Middle East, Afghanistan.
datola 100



First Counsellor Marco ROMITI
Coordination of the II Committee’s work, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, environment, energy and climate change. Relations with UNDESA, with UN Funds and Programs (UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNOPS). G7 and G20. ECOSOC’s Reform. Global Compact.
romiti marco foto 100


First Secretary Diego CIMINO
II Committee. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, environment, energy and climate change. Relations with UNDESA, with UN Funds and Programs (UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNOPS). G7 and G20. ECOSOC’s Reform. Global Compact.
diego cimino 100 1904


First Secretary Laura ROMANO
II Committee. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, environment, energy and climate change. Relations with UNDESA, with UN Funds and Programs (UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNOPS). G7 and G20. ECOSOC’s Reform. Global Compact.


Adviser Sergio CASTELLARI
II Committee. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Environment, energy and climate change.
castellari 100


Economic Attache’ Carla DI PAOLO
Economic and Development Affairs. UN Funds and Programs. ECOSOC Activities.



First Counsellor Daniela TONON
Coordination of III Committee’s work. Human Rights. Agenda for Women, Peace and Security. Children and Armed Conflict. Agenda for Youth, Peace and Security. Sex Violence in Conflict.  Death Penalty, Racism, Torture. Gender Issues, Commission on the Status of Women. NGO Commitee.

First Secretary Giulia DE NARDIS

Humanitarian Affairs. Refugees and Migrations. Relations with OCHA and other Humanitarian Agencies. Humanitarian Demining. Protection of civilians in armed conflicts.

de nardis rev pom 100



Counsellor Costantino TARDUCCI
Coodination of the V Committee’s work. Reform of the UN Management. Coordination of CPC & ACABQ.

Specialized Permanent Contractor Francesca BELLU’
V Committee Adviser. Reform of the UN Management. CPC ACABQ.



Legal Adviser Enrico MILANO
VI Committee’s work. Legal affairs and procedural issues. Tribunals and International Courts. Initiatives on accountability. Right of the Sea. International Sea Bed Authority.
milano 8


Legal Adviser Silvio FRANZ
Legal Cooperation. Action to counter terrorism, organized crime and illegal trafficking. Trafficking in cultural property. Group of Friends for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. Cooperation with UNODC and UNOCT.


Security Adviser Gennaro CAPOLUONGO
Action to counter terrorism and violent extremism, organized crime and illegal trafficking. Cyber crime. Cooperation with UNODC and UNOCT.

capoluongo gennaro final

Finance Police Adviser Flavio URBANI

Action to counter organized crime and illegal trafficking, with special focus on illicit financial flows and drug trafficking. Financial aspects of counter-terrorism action. Cooperation in fiscal matters. Cybercrime. Cooperation with UNODC and UNOCT.


Counsellor Andrea SPERONELLO

Coordination of the Permanent Representative’s Office. Officer in charge of Administrative Transparency (ex art.43 Law Decree 33/2013). Human Resources.

Counsellor Ludovica MURAZZANI
Permanent Mission’s Spokesperson. Press and communication, Social media and Mission’s website. Public Diplomacy activities. Coordination and organization of events. Committee on Information and IV Committee’s work.
foto murazzani


Specialized Permanent Contractor Angela CARABELLI
Translator – Interpreter.


Specialized Permanent Contractor Simona RENIERI
Translator – Interpreter. Social Media.



Head of Administrative Office Eugenio BOLDRINI
Administrative and Accounting Department’s coordination. Management of Mission’s budget and assets.


Deputy Administrative Officer Simone VILLANO
Administrative and Accounting Department. Management of Mission’s budget and assets.



Lt. Gen. (Carabinieri) Fabrizio PARRULLI
Military Adviser. Military issues, peacekeeping policing activities. Italian Military personnel at the UN.

per sito gen parrulli


Col. Luca VITALI
Substitute Military Adviser. Military issues, peacekeeping policing activities. Italian Military personnel at the UN.


Last update:  August 14, 2023

  • This Mission has adopted several measures aimed to foster gender equality within its organization and in its external relations, following the initiative “MFA gender champions” launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and and modeled around the “International Gender Champions” developed within the UN network.

    Here is a selection of the Mission’s main undertakings:

    1. Promoting gender balance within all panels and events organized by the Mission, with the commitment to ensuring that this principle is in place also during events which the Permanent Representative and other Mission’s delegates are invited to as speakers, co-organizers, or in any other capacity. This is in line with the role of International Gender Champion taken on by Permanent Representative here in New York.

    2. Planning the personnel’s leave of absence as far in advance as possible to factor in the staff family needs and to favor the best possible family-work balance. Moreover, the work schedule is planned so as to safeguard the right to maternity and paternity leave, also by not booking events and other work commitments that are not comprised in the regular schedule on weekends or holidays, and exceeding the regular work hours. The implementation of these standards will be monitored in the effort to overhaul, modernize and improve the quality and wellbeing of the working life through enhanced management efficiency.

    3. Launching several events throughout the year as part of the Mission’s external endeavors, including the “Panel Parity Pledge”. The Mission intends to promote events devoted to women empowerment in co-sponsorship with think tanks or local Universities. More in general, these projects will seamlessly complement the ongoing work that the Mission has painstakingly and incessantly carried out in the UN Commissions, with special focus on themes such as women and disarmament, Italy’s contribution to UN Agencies, Funds, and Programs dedicated to women, thematic resolutions on women and girls’ rights, peacekeeping, and training.

    4. On a parallel track, leveraging the influence Italy has gained by joining ECOSOC again for the three-year period 2022-2024 to promote events on the margin of the Commission on the Status of Women. Furthermore, by joining UNICEF board for 2022, Italy will be better-versed to define the priorities and actions to support girls and young girls.

    5. Adequately promoting and improving women’s participation by means of the Mission’s usual work to support Italy’s candidacies and to provide assistance for the recruitment of Italian officials with UN bodies and agencies.

    6. Strengthening the Mission’s “advocacy” action throughout its social media accounts as part of its communication strategy. This will entail an increase in the Mission’s share of media campaigns launched in partnership with UN bodies specialized in women rights, UN Women and UNFPA. Initiatives such as the Mission’s video campaign for “16 days of UN activism to fight Gender-based Violence”, which had more than 40,000 views and impressions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, will continue to be shared at European level as best practices that all EU member states can adopt to multiply their impact. Women right will be at the heart of infographics and themed cards presented within the Mission’s weekly contents “UN Wednesdays” and "Friday4Thoughts" on its social media, alongside themed episodes from the Podcast series “Voices from the Glass Palace”.


    INTERNATIONAL GENDER CHAMPIONS - Maurizio Massari Ambassador, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations in New York