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Discorso introduttivo pronunciato dall’Ambasciatore Sebastiano Cardi, Rappresentante Permanente dell’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite, al Policy Forum IPI su “Working together for Peace and Security: moving from silos to synergies”

President Lykketoft,
Ambassadors Pedersen and Kamau,
Ladies and Gentlemen

Italy is proud to join forces with Denmark, Kenya and – of course – IPI to present the strategic report on synergies and connectors between the three major reviews carried out last year in the field of peace and security: peacekeeping, peacebuilding and implementation of resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. The high level thematic debate on peace and security organized by President Lykketoft will be a defining moment to assess trends and challenges and we look forward to the upcoming discussions.

The report we are presenting today has one clear aim: to make sense of it all, identifying underlying common themes and assessing what we can do – and how we can do it – to update our tool box vis-a’-vis today’s security challenges.

These, as I am sure we will hear, are today more complex than ever. The world faces new and asymmetric threats with deep-rooted causes. The borderless challenges that define our times, such as mass migration, refugee flows, climate change and pollution, cause significant, far-reaching and deeply destabilizing repercussions.

There is only one viable reply: effective multilateralism. As a matter of fact, the silver lining of a more complex environment with more actors is that there are also more opportunities to solve problems if we are able to rally a significant number of States and organizations around a common good cause.

By carrying out the three review processes, the Organization has acknowledged the need to strengthen the effectiveness, coherence, and relevance of its peace and security architecture to make it better “fit for purpose” and able to respond more effectively to today’s interconnected crises. Now it is upon us – Member States and Organization – to deliver on implementation.

An effective multilateralism in the field of peace and security is in our best collective interest. I thank you.