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Intervento del Sottosegretario di Stato al Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, On. Silvia Velo, all’Evento ad Alto Livello “Responding to the Impacts of El Nino and Mitigating Recurring Climate Risks”

Distinguished Secretary General,

Honourable Ministers,

The humanitarian, social and economic impacts of El Niño are severe. The effects of climate change are increasing day by day and the dire consequences are being paid by those left further behind.

Urgent action is needed in response to this humanitarian crisis, coupled with a longer term vision capable of shaping the path to sustainable development.

2015 has been a milestone year in this direction. The adoption of the Paris Agreement will complement the 2030 Agenda in providing our vision for the coming years. Through the objectives and actions that we have all submitted in the course of 2015, as part of our intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) to fight climate change, we will increase the chances of all countries, cities and communities to benefit from a better future in the decades ahead.

In March 2016, Italy has launched a national Action Plan in response to “El Niño” worth 11 Million euro. Our efforts are concentrated in the Horn of Africa (5 Million) and in Southern Africa (6 Million).

The main sectors of our activities are nutrition and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). In implementing our projects with the NGO’s we are focusing on emergency activities of a short duration and immediate impact, as well as on resilience activities to sustain agriculture and farming activities.

Individual interventions will however not be sufficient.
To manage this crisis, effective cooperation between the UN and donors will be crucial. We need to increase the impact of our actions avoiding duplications and equally distributing our initiatives on the field, in particular for the coming months when the crisis could reach its peak.

Please rest assured that Italy will stand ready to do its part.

Thank you.