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Discorso pronunciato dall’Italia alla Terza Commissione della 71ma Sessione dell’Assemblea Generale sul Progetto di Risoluzione A/C.3/71/L.11/Rev.1 e A/C.3/71/L.12/Rev.1 “Prevenzione del Crimine e Giustizia Penale”

Madam Chair,

It is Italy’s honor once again this year to introduce, on behalf of the co-sponsors, the draft resolution, “Strengthening the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program, in particular, its Technical Cooperation Capacity” (document A/C.3/70/L.8).

Following up on the postponement requested on Friday in order to strengthen the consensus on the entire resolution, Italy, in its capacity as facilitator intends to submit the text to the plenary with a sheer technical oral amendment to paragraph OP16.

The words “including artefacts” should be added in the 11th line after the words: “trafficking in cultural property”. This inclusion provides the text with an useful specification, as cultural “artefacts” are today the most trafficked items and the top articles of detection, investigation and prosecution activities.

We are confident the proposal could be accepted by all Delegation and the resolution consistently amended and adopted by consensus, as it has always been the case in the past.

I would also like to thank in general all delegation for their constructive contribution throughout the negotiations.

Madam Chair,

As in the past, the three main purposes of the resolution are:

First, to build consensus on and highlight the fight against transnational organized crime in the broader framework of the United Nations’ policies and actions;

Second, to promote the universality and implementation of all pertinent United Nations instruments; and

Third, to confirm the membership’s support for the technical assistance activities of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in this field.


Madam Chair,

Encouraged by on the broad and strong consensus of the past years, the resolution we are introducing today has introduced language paying attention to many important current events and phenomena,

In particular, inter alia:
The ongoing implementation of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development;

Approval of the 19 September New York Declaration on the large movements of Migrants and Refugees;

The growing attention of the UN System to new phenomena associated with international terrorism and, inter alia, approval of the biennial review of the United Nations Global Strategy;

The United Nations General Assembly Special Session and its outcome document dedicated to the drug problem;

Advancements in the enhancement of the rights of disadvantaged people and in the protection of cultural heritage and wildlife.


Madam Chair,

Moving on from these major events, the resolution strikes a balance between the need to combat organized crime in all its forms, and at the same time, to protect the human rights of communities and victims of crime, as well as of the perpetrators of criminal acts, in accordance with international standards and the principles of the Rule of Law.

Finally, let me point out that the importance of strengthening international cooperation is clearly highlighted and we hope all Member States will contribute actively in this respect.

This goal could be constructively supported by the High- Level Debate dedicated to the Palermo Convention to be held in 2017 aimed at raising awareness of the advancements in international cooperation made possible by the tools included in the Conventions. As Italy, we are glad the resolution commemorates the Italian judge Giovanni Falcone and with him, at an international level, all the public servants who have lost their lives in the struggle to prevent and combat organized crime.

Let me conclude, Madam Chair, by reiterating that, as in the past, we are counting on the broadest support of Member States, for this resolution to be adopted by consensus with the broadest number possible of co-sponsors.