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Consiglio di Sicurezza – Meeting per l’ adozione della risoluzione 2366: Missione di Verifica in Colombia

Spiegazioni di Voto pronunciate dall’Ambasciatore Sebastiano Cardi, Rappresentante Permanente dell’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite, al Meeting in Consiglio di Sicurezza per l’adozione della risoluzione 2366, per stabilire una nuova Missione di Verifica in Colombia—


Mr. President, Madam Minister,

Italy welcomes the outcome of today’s vote. It testifies once again the unanimous support of the Security Council to the peace process in Colombia.

Italy would like to praise the parties for confirming, with the completion of the laying down of arms and the start of the reintegration process, that firm commitment and strong leadership are key to the peaceful solution of conflicts. Also, we commend the Security Council for showing its responsiveness and capacity to take a unified, timely and context-specific action.

Mr. President, Madam Minister,

Allow me to underline that peace is a process, irreversible in this case, thanks to the strong resolve of President Santos and of the FARC, but still presents challenges that must not be overlooked. We especially commend the Government of Colombia for its efforts in delivering security, services and economic opportunities to the entire population across the Country. We also commend the Government for the steps undertaken to curb illegal activities and organized crime and will continue to offer our bilateral cooperation to this end, and also in the framework of the European Union.

I conclude by underscoring that the role played by the United Nations in Colombia and, by this Council is setting an example of flexibility, effectiveness and respect of the ownership of the parties. The Council will continue to assist the peace process in line with the principles guiding our joint effort to strengthen the United Nations as, first and foremost, a facilitator and a builder of peace. Italy, Mr. President, will continue to support the Security Council’s action in this direction.

Thank you.