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Consiglio di Sicurezza – Adozione sanzioni Nord Corea

Spiegazione di voto pronunciata dall’Ambasciatore Sebastiano Cardi, Rappresentante Permanente dell’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite, a seguito dell’azione del Consiglio di Sicurezza di nuove sanzioni alla Nord Corea —

 Italy welcomes the unanimous adoption of this resolution. We thank the United States for leading this process with the appropriate sense of urgency and for conducting these negotiations in the spirit of full transparency and inclusion.

The resolution comes at a moment of unique threat to international peace and security and of very serious challenge to regional stability. One week ago, this Council met to condemn the sixth nuclear test carried out by the DPRK regime, following a series of increasingly reckless missile launches. We reaffirm our strong condemnation of these irresponsible acts.

All of these actions taken together reveal a cycle of unprecedented, deliberate and escalatory provocations by North Korea, directed against the International Community as a whole and aimed at undermining the foundations of the global non-proliferation regime, as well as the authority of this Council. We express our deepest concern for the advancement of the North Korean nuclear and missile program, which constitutes an unacceptable threat of global nature.

Today, we are standing united once again by taking action in order to protect our collective security and to ensure that the North Korean regime’s threats do not go unanswered. The resolution adopted today provides for a strong, comprehensive package of restrictive measures. They are a reflection of the gravity of the current situation, and they constitute a proportional and appropriate response.

This resolution, however, is not only about stronger sanctions. It also sets the path through which, if it so chooses, North Korea can revert to international legality and to a different pattern of relations with the International Community, in order to reach a peaceful political solution to the situation.

We call on DPRK to immediately cease all nuclear and missile-related activities, making credible progress on its obligation to denuclearize and opening the way to a peaceful solution through meaningful negotiations.

We fully share the concerns about the humanitarian situation in the country and the need to ensure that these new sanctions do not have an adverse impact. But we must not forget that the people of North Korea are, first and foremost, innocent victims of the regime’s self-isolating and self-destructive ambitions. The International Community must continue to provide assistance for those in need.

Finally, as Chair of the 1718 Committee, we will continue to maintain a sharp focus on full and effective implementation of the sanctions regime by the whole membership of the United Nations.