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Consiglio di Sicurezza – Briefing su Non Proliferazione/Corea del Nord

Discorso pronunciato dall’Ambasciatore Sebastiano Cardi, Rappresentante Permanente dell’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite e Presidente del Consiglio di Sicurezza, al Briefing in Consiglio di Sicurezza sulla Non-proliferazione/Nord Corea —

 I would like to thank USG Feltman for his briefing.
Once again, this Council is confronted with an irresponsible and illegal provocation by the DPRK regime. Italy firmly condemns, as stated today by Prime Minister Gentiloni and Foreign Minister Alfano, Pyongyang’s launch of another ballistic missile of intercontinental range, which constitutes a grave threat of a truly global nature, as well as an immediate danger to neighboring countries to whom we express our full solidarity.

North Korea’s persistent defiance of the non-proliferation regime, in violation of multiple UNSC Resolutions, represents a threat to regional stability as well as to international peace and security; we encourage the International Community to stand together in order to defend our collective security.

Maintaining a high level of economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime constitutes the appropriate response to the DPRK’s reckless behavior. We will continue to work on this as a member of the Security Council for the remainder of the year, as well as within the European Union. Allow me also to reiterate, in this context, the primary importance that Italy attaches to the continued unity of the Security Council on this matter.

Italy has also adopted additional measures at the national level, consistent with relevant UNSC Resolutions, such as interrupting the accreditation procedure for the DPRK Ambassador in Rome. Through this decision, we intended to convey an unequivocal message regarding the need for the DPRK to abandon its defiant and self-isolating policies.

I have already spoken about sanctions implementation in my capacity as 1718 Committee Chair. I wish to add, however, that we are committed to ensuring, as reaffirmed in the Council’s latest resolutions, that the sanctions regime does not have unintended, negative consequences on the humanitarian situation in the country. We will be addressing this topic at the next 1718 Committee meeting.

I therefore renew our full solidarity with the people of North Korea, who continue to suffer as the regime ignores their basic needs in the pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

We call on the DPRK to reverse course, immediately and verifiably putting an end to all nuclear and missile-related activities, thus making credible progress on its obligation to denuclearize. This is the only course of action through which North Korea can begin to regain the trust of the International Community and open the way to a peaceful solution through meaningful negotiations.