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Meeting sul Segmento ECOSOC 2018

Discorso pronunciato dall’Ambasciatore Inigo Lambertini, Vice Rappresentante Permanente dell’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite, al Meeting del Segmento ECOSOC relativo alle Attivita’ Operative per lo Sviluppo —

President of the Operational Activities Segment,


Italy aligns with the statement of the European Union and has the honor of speaking on its national capacity.

We express our full support to the Secretary-General’s ambitious reform agenda to promote those major changes that are essential to ensure a more coherent, coordinated, accountable, effective and efficient system in support to the 2030 Agenda, address present global challenges in an integrated way and strengthen the nexus between UN activities in the areas of sustainable development, human rights, peace and security, better linking them with humanitarian interventions in situations of emergency.

We thank the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General for the open dialogue and inclusive approach to the reform and the bold plan to restructure the UNDS system.

Some few points.

First of all, a strengthened, impartial and independent Resident Coordinator, together with more integrated Country Teams aligned around a common UNDAF is THE fundamental step towards a much more effective and coordinated, system-wide action of the various agencies and funds present in any given country. That, in perspective, should also lead to better promote multi-partner and multi-stakeholder partnerships that are crucial to support sustainable development everywhere and, ultimately, bring a change in the lives of those in need.

Second, we welcome the vision of the Secretary General to strengthen the system-wide coherence that should also build on a more efficient and integrated involvement of DESA and of the Regional Commissions.
Italy, as a donor country with a convinced multilateral vocation, has already an aid funding structure that privileges multilateral and core financial contributions, and could not agree more on the need of reforming current funding patterns of the UN Development System. In our funding we advocate for increased cooperation among UNDS Institutions as well as we see space for more integration and coordination in the activities of
Executive Boards.

Overall – even though some details still need to be disclosed by the Secretariat – we can confirm Italy’s support to the SG’s Reports as a solid basis to move ahead with the negotiations with a view to promote a more purposeful, transparent and accountable UNDS which is the only way to increase its credibility and, hopefully, funding .

We will support the co-facilitators appointed by the PGA, Denmark and Algeria, in their task to draw the consensus of the Member States to deliver a system that ultimately will achieve the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Finally, since this is a predominantly New York-based process that involves also the actions of Institutions that are not located here, we call on the membership to coordinate and act consistently also with colleagues working in Rome, Geneva, Paris, Nairobi, and other poles of UNDS Institutions and on the Secretariat to fully involve those Institutions in this process.

Thank you.