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Consiglio di Sicurezza – Meeting in formula Arria

Intervento nazionale pronunciato dall’Italia al meeting in formula Arria in Consiglio di Sicurezza su “Enhancing synergies between the United Nations and regional and subregional organizations to address the nexus between terrorism and transnational organized crime” —

Mr. President,

We commend Peru for organizing this Arria formula meeting and the briefers for their insightful presentations.

Terrorist groups are constantly evolving: today we must face wide and complex networks using up-to-date technology and diversified channels to organize and fund their activities and uphold their strategy of terror, also counting increasingly on their connections with transnational organized crime.

Italy is fully engaged in the fight against this multifaceted threat. Our approach is comprehensive, building upon the synergies between the national, regional and international level and taking into account the nexus between terrorist activities and different forms of crime. Our aim is to curb all forms of financial support to terrorist groups and ensure full respect of the human rights, rule of law and fundamental freedoms of communities and people affected.

In this spirit, within the Anti-Daesh Coalition, Italy is co-chairing the working group to counter the financing of terrorism while, last year, as members of the Security Council, we insisted on the exploitation of human trafficking and the protection of cultural heritage as centerpiece of our mandate and, thanks to the support of the Council’s members, we were able to spearhead the efforts toward the adoption, respectively, of Resolution 2388 and 2347 with France.

Mr. President,

International cooperation is crucial. The United Nations are in the lead in this endeavor, while regional and sub-regional organizations play a key role on the basis of the principles of complementarity and subsidiarity. For instance, the G5Sahel Force stands as a model case of effective cooperation between the UN and regional and sub-regional organizations, proving that they are the best placed to raise awareness, assess and respond to evolving patterns at the regional level and foster cooperation among national authorities.

Italy’s experience as a member of the EU, Council of Europe and OSCE attests to the importance of regional organizations in assisting the implementation of relevant UN Resolutions at the national level and in supporting capacity building, information and intelligence sharing, policing and judicial cooperation among Member States.

As an additional contribution to our common effort against the terrorist scourge, Italy, as Chairmanship in Office of the OSCE in 2018, has decided to include this issue among its main priorities for this year. As a testament to this commitment, Italy will host in Rome on the 10th-11th of May an OSCE-wide Conference on the theme of the reverse flow of foreign terrorist fighters and the challenges it represents in terms of border security, information sharing, rehabilitation and reintegration. Terrorism financing and its links with transnational organized crime, including trafficking in human beings, will also be specifically addressed. The Conference will see the active involvement of representatives from the private sector, civil society, academia and stakeholders organizations.

In the light of the support the OSCE is equipped to offer, we believe improving cooperation between the UN and the Organization is of utmost importance. A regular dialogue at the Headquarters and in the field is key to foster synergies. For this reason, we are supporting the UN liaison office in Vienna and we especially appreciate Ms. Ostrauskaite participation to our discussion today. It confirms the OSCE, with its genetic code and specific expertise on “comprehensive security”, remains a unique platform for dialogue and a major provider of assistance to Participating and Partner Countries and, as such, a natural partner of the United Nations.

I thank you.