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Peacebuilding Commission – Informal Meeting on Central African Republic

Statement delivered by Italy during the Informal Meeting of the Peacebuilding Commission on the Central African Republic


Thank you, Mr. Chair, for convening this meeting. It’s been extremely useful to have such extensive and complete presentations on the mission of ASG Keita to CAR as well as on the recent visit of the PBF donor group to Bangui.
We commend the PBSO for organizing visits of groups of Member States to engage directly with Governments, beneficiaries and implementing partners on the ground. These field trips allow us to appreciate how the PBF can make a difference. We are extremely pleased to have had such positive feedbacks from our colleagues that went to Bangui. It proves the importance of continuing to organize such trips.
In the last few months, we’ve seen serious threats of reversing the progress that has been made so far in the peacebuilding process in CAR. We therefore would like to reiterate Italy’s active engagement in the country, with bilateral initiatives as well as on the multilateral level, as member of the PBC and of the Groupe International de Soutien to CAR.
We believe that a multidimensional approach to the peacebuilding process in the Central African Republic is crucial. The Peacebuilding Commission has the opportunity to play an extraordinary role in distributing peace dividends, offering support to the implementation of the RCPCA (National Recovery and Peacebuilding Plan), supporting the return of the State throughout the national territory, supporting disarmament and conflict prevention at the local level.
A key factor in the peacebuilding process is inclusivity, bearing in mind the important role played by the vital forces of civil society, especially religious leaders, women and young people. We believe this is an important issue in the current situation, something we should all focus on.
With that in mind, we attach the greatest importance to the full inclusivity of the African Initiative, especially in terms of women and youth participation. This would contribute also in enhancing the national ownership of the peace process.
For the same reasons, we continue to support the activity of the Community of Sant’Egidio, which carries out a complementary and concerted action vis-à-vis the African Initiative and other actors on the field.
To conclude, we encourage the Chair to consider visiting the country before the end of this year, in order to renew our commitment in CAR. We stand ready to support any other initiative by the PBC that could bring a positive message to the Central African people.