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Assemblea Generale – Terza Commissione. Dialogo Interattivo della Commssione d’Inchiesta sul Burundi

Discorso pronunciato dall’Italia al Dialogo Interattivo della Commssione d’Inchiesta sul Burundi —

Thank you Mr. Chairman,

Italy aligns itself to the statement delivered by the European Union and joins other Member States in welcoming the renewal of the mandate of the Commission of Enquiry on Burundi and especially the opportunity for the Commission to hold this Interactive Dialogue with the Third Committee of the General Assembly.

Italy wishes to express its full support to the mandate and the work of the Commission, as an independent and impartial mechanism, and the only international mechanism now in place to monitor the international situation in Burundi, especially with regard to the respect of human rights.

Coming to the report of the Commission, we express the deepest concern on the continuing allegations of gross violations and abuses of human rights in Burundi and recall the primary responsibility of the Government for protecting its population, for ensuring respect of the rule of law, of human rights and of international humanitarian law, and for ending the current climate of impunity.

We urge the Government of Burundi to immediately resume all cooperation and dialogue with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and with the Commission of Enquiry. The draft memorandum of understanding between the Republic of Burundi and OHCHR must be finalized without further delay.

Finally, we regret that the Government of Burundi has just decided not to attend the 5th round of the Inter-Burundian dialogue led by the East African Community. We encourage all parties to participate in good faith in the regional dialogue, which is the only viable process for a sustainable political settlement in Burundi.

I thank you.