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Conferenza Annuale di Alto Livello sul Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF)

Discorso pronunciato dall’Ambasciatore Stefano Stefanile, Vice Rappresentante Permanente dell’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite, alla Conferenza Annuale di Alto Livello sul Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) —

Italy fully acknowledges and supports the role of CERF as the leading global emergency fund in terms of funding, predictability, operational flexibility and also speed of intervention. As you said CERF is indeed the fund “for all, by all”.

We appreciate the effective use of the fund this year, which has allowed to provide humanitarian assistance in many challenging contexts, as you recalled in your introductory intervention. We much appreciate the transparency, accountability, prioritarisation and cost-effectiveness approach by you and your team in managing the fund.

Mr. Under-Secretary-General

since the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in 2016, Italy has significantly increased its overall humanitarian budget, by over 20%, and has also increased its un-earmarked contributions to the main Humanitarian Organizations, primarily through the CERF and also through the Country-Based Pool Funds.

In this context, over the last three years we have substantially increased our contribution to CERF, which in 2018 stands at an equivalent of 3.2 million dollars. Due to the budget cycle of this year, we are not able to make a specific pledge at this Conference. However, it is our intention to continue to support the CERF and, if possible, to further increase our annual financial contribution.

We hope to be soon in the position to notify our pledge and indicate the specific amount

Rest assured, Mr. Under-Secretary-General, that we will continue to be a supporting partner of the fund.

Thank you.