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Evento ONU di Alto Livello a Margine su “Preparing for the 20th anniversary of 1325: pledge of commitments on Women Peace and Security”

Discorso pronunciato dall’Ambasciatore Stefano Stefanile, Vice Rappresentante Permanente e Incaricato d’Affari a.i. dell’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite, all’Evento a Margine di Alto Livello su “Preparing for the 20th anniversary of 1325: pledge of commitments on Women Peace and Security” —

Mr. Moderator,

over the years, Italy has been constantly engaged in the implementation of resolution 1325 and the subsequent related resolutions. We are currently implementing our Third National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security, which was elaborated with the engagement of civil society and is one of the few NAPS that have received public funding for their implementation.

We support a number of initiatives of the UN Secretariat, UNWomen and other UN entities as well as proposals and plans on WPS agreed in the framework of the EU, NATO, OSCE and the G7.
We are the largest contributor to the UN Trust Fund on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.
We are also actively engaged in enhancing efforts in the filed of training, both for peacekeepers and police units, and as well as civilians.

However, we do recognize that more needs to be done by all of us and, therefore, we have identified 15 additional actions to be implemented over the next 18 months.

These initiatives cover a wide range of activities in the areas of policy, civil society engagement and financing. Firstly, we plan to elaborate the Fourth National Action Plan on WPS, once again with the active engagement of civil society organizations and the Academia. At the same time we will continue to ensure adequate funding for the implementation of the Third NAP. We will also endeavour to further consolidate one of our flagship initiatives, the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network, which is growing in numbers and impact and is creating important synergies with similar existing network, with the view of launching a global alliance of regional women mediators’ networks.

We will also develop other initiatives ranging from awareness-raising campaigns on sexual exploitation and abuse and on the WPS agenda as a whole, to advocacy and public diplomacy events. We will organize conferences and seminars on the role of women in development and peace-building, and their participation in decision-making and peace processes. Finally, we plan to put forward the National Strategic Plan on male violence against women.

We hope that these efforts will contribute to the full implementation of Resolution 1325 and help fill the remaining gaps in the implementation of the WPS Agenda.

I thank you.