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ECOSOC – 22a Riunione Plenaria, Sessione 2019, del Consiglio Economico e Sociale: Segmento Management

Intervento pronunciato dall’Ambasciatore Stefano Stefanile, Vice Rappresentante Permanente dell’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite, alla 22a Riunione Plenaria, Sessione 2019, del Consiglio Economico e Sociale: Segmento Management —

Thank you Madame Vice President,

First of all let me thank the Representatives of the Training and Research Institutes of the United Nation system for their presence today and also for the informative presentations.

I think these presentations actually confirmed that the agenda item under consideration today is of paramount importance for the ability of the UN to deliver its mandate and also for the capacity of the UN system as a whole to act in a coordinated and transversal manner.

Knowledge and learning are the keywords at stake here not only for the UN management and stuff but also for the diplomacies of Member States, our own Missions, and I would say for our societies as a whole.

This is particularly true at the time of profound and transformational changes in global patterns which are also triggering inevitably other important and the far-reaching reforms here at United Nations.

Transformational changes and important reforms cannot be approached effectively without proper knowledge and training and another factor that also requires a constant deepening of knowledge and continuous development of training is the implementation of the agenda 2030.

I think that neither the UN management nor the Member States can afford to maintain a silos approach, we all have to converge towards more comprehensive and more synergic dimension.

This explains the importance of the Training and Research Institutes in the context of the UN system and we would like to commend your Institutions for the work that is being carried out.

We encourage you to further develop your activities with the support of Member States.

Let me spend a few extra words to acknowledge the particular important role of the United Nations System Staff College on which we promoted yesterday together with Argentina a very successful and participated Side Event here at the UN, besides obviously being proud of hosting the college in Italy, specifically in Turin, we sincerely believe that the Staff College establishes itself as a center of excellence within the UN system as testified by the increasing number of UN staff benefiting from its courses and also by the ability of the college to attract resources from a variety of actors even outside the UN system.

So we sincerely think that this is a success story that deserves the support of ECOSOC and of the entire UN Membership.

Let me also recall that we have indeed as well a record of successful collaboration with UNITAR with which we continue to to cooperate even today.

In this spirit, Madame Vice President, let me say that we look forward to the adoption of the two resolutions that are going to be introduced right after this discussion.

Thank you.