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Assemblea Generale – Terza Commissione su “Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice”

Discorso pronunciato dall’Italia alla Riunione della Terza Commissione su “Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice”. —

Thank you Mr. Chair,

I have the honor to present the resolution entitled “Strengthening the United Nations crime prevention and criminal justice programme, in particular its technical cooperation capacity”.

Effective crime prevention and criminal justice are fundamental to international peace and development. As is the implementation of the rights of the person, including those who go through the criminal justice system.

As underlined during our presentation on October policies that uphold human rights – especially the rights of those who are most vulnerable – must also encompass the fight against crime. Criminal phenomena exacerbate social tensions and divisions at the expenses of the least fortunate, they drain public resources and they often violate fundamental human rights and freedoms.

In this contest, I am pleased to stress that all delegations approached the initial draft of the Resolution with a positive and constructive spirit that lead to a consensual text and significant progress in a number of areas. We have effectively addressed sensitive issues, such as: improving data collection and analysis in order to facilitate evidence-based policies; strengthening judicial capabilities and ethics, in order to enhance fair and effective justice systems; encouraging the spread of the culture of lawfulness; updating and coordinating languages related to hate crimes, corruption, trafficking in persons, illicit financial flows, environmental crimes, and more.

Moreover, this Committee has done a great job in ensuring coordination and coherence with other resolutions on related issues, including al GA resolutions related to the use of narcotic drugs and the abuse of ICTs and the resolutions adopted by ECOSOC and by CCPCJ.

The draft Resolution I am presenting today also reiterates the strong support for the review mechanisms of the UN Convention against Organized Crime adopted by the Conference of States Parties last year, and expresses appreciation towards the technical tools and programmes managed by UNODC.

Finally, and very significantly, the draft Resolution asks the PGA to organize a high-level debate during the current GA session dedicated to urban crimes, a phenomenon that in various forms affects all regions and is becoming every day more significant, also in view of the increasing engagement of young offenders and young victims. We look forward to the high-level debate as there are many concrete benefits that can come from greater cooperation and sharing of analysis and best practices in this area.

In the light of the progress made and the consensus reached on the entire text, I wish to invite you all to give positive consideration to the Resolution, and to co-sponsor it.

I thank you.