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Consiglio di Sicurezza – Riunione in formato Arria su “Implementation of Security Council Resolutions on Youth, Peace and Security by UN Peace Operations”

Discorso pronunciato dai Youth Delegates dell’Italia alle Nazioni Unite al Meeting in formula Arria del Consiglio di Sicurezza su “Implementation of Security Council Resolutions on Youth, Peace and Security by UN Peace Operations”. —


We are Giulia and Simone the current Youth Delegates of Italy to the UN. We strongly appreciate the organization of this Arria Meeting, and we thank you for this precious opportunity to speak out.

Italy has duly co-sponsored Resolution 2535 and is committed to the full implementation of the YPS Agenda. During our mandate on the United Nations Security Council, in 2017, we promoted the systematic inclusion of provisions on the protection of civilians, especially the most vulnerable categories, including youth, in the mandates of peacekeeping operations.

At the same time, it is essential to empower youth as a vital driver for peace, change, and prosperity. Young people must have a say in peace discussions, as one in four of them are affected by violence or armed conflict. During the lockdown established in order to contain covid-19 my colleague and I have organized a series of webinars with youth from all over Italy and we had the confirmation that the natural desire for justice and inclusion, enthusiasm and energy which youth provide can meaningfully contribute to building and sustaining peace, and fostering reconciliation. However, youth continue to face significant structural barriers to the participation in the decision-making, and many young peacebuilders report that their participation is not welcomed by the public opinion or by those in positions of power.

Therefore, we firmly believe that member States must spare no effort in raising awareness on the role of youth in peacebuilding. In this view, Italy funded the “2020 Torino Forum for Sustaining Peace: Women and Girls at the Frontlines of Peace”. This event, which is taking place in these days, has been organized by the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) with a focus on the synergies between the YPS and WPS Agendas.

Italy remains committed to play its part in order to bring forward the full implementation of the YPS agenda.

We thank you.