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Assemblea Generale – Meeting informale per il briefing del Special Envoy per Myanmar

Discorso pronunciato dall’Italia al meeting informale dell’Assemblea Generale per il briefing del Special Envoy su Myanmar. —


Madame President,

Italy fully aligns itself with the statement of the EU delegation.

I thank the Special Envoy of the Secretary General for an excellent and comprehensive briefing and I also wish to commend the Permanent Representative of Myanmar for the powerful and courageous statement.

Madame President,

Since the beginning of the crisis, Italy – together with the EU and G7 partners – strongly condemned the military coup in Myanmar while calling for the restoration of its legitimate civilian government.

We join in the Secretary-General’s call for the Myanmar military to stop the repression immediately, to restore the Country’s democratically elected government, and proceed with the immediate and unconditional release of all political leaders, including President U Win Myint and State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, civil society activists and others who are arbitrarily detained.

Witnessing the peaceful protests against the military seizure of power and the appalling violence that ensued against the protesters shows us the importance of upholding, at every turn, the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the right to peacefully demonstrate in support of democratic institutions. For this we call on Myanmar’s military and police to exercise the utmost restraint.

Unfortunately, even today’s news from Myanmar confirmed how dire and urgent the situation remains for ordinary people and peaceful protestors.

Madame President,

Impunity for violence against Myanmar’s ethnic minorities, including the Rohingya, must end. We thus call on the military authorities to allow free access to the Country and across the region for humanitarian organizations and workers to provide the necessary assistance to minorities, including the Rohingya. Authorities must address the root causes of conflict and displacement in the Rakhine State and other areas, and ensure a safe and dignified return of refugees in accordance with international standards.

Following the adoption of the EU Council Conclusions on February 22, we started a thorough review of all the tools at the EU’s and its Member States’ disposal, including the adoption of restrictive measures targeting those responsible for the military coup.

The final goal of our policy review shall be conducive to reinstate the elected civilian government, complete the process of democratic transition and national reconciliation as well as ensuring inclusive socio-economic development.

In this regard, we welcome the UN Secretary-General’s engagement and support for the efforts of his Special Envoy Shraner Burgener.

We turn to the international community, Countries, regions and organizations, and in particular, to ASEAN and its Members, whom we believe have a crucial role to play in promoting peace and stability in Southeast Asia. We encourage their efforts for establishing a constructive dialogue with Myanmar for the benefit of its people.

Italy has always been committed to advancing Myanmar’s democratic transition and the national reconciliation process. This is no time to accept failure.

I thank you.