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2nd June – Message from the Permanent Representative of Italy to the UN in New York, Ambassador Mariangela Zappia, on the occasion of the Italian National Day

Today, June 2nd 2021, which marks the 75th Anniversary of our Republic – I address my thoughts and best wishes to all of the Italian women and Italian men, who – under any title – have been dedicated to the work of the United Nations, and who have contributed to keeping multilateralism vital and effective.

The international scenario of this 2021, a critical year for recovery, sees Italy – a Country with founding principles based on multilateralism and a leading partner of the United Nations – as one of the drivers of the global project of renewal, to build back a world that is better for all. As our President of the Republic stated yesterday, “it is this dimension of multilateralism – rooted in our Constitution – that expresses our country’s true vocation: to contribute to the creation of a world at peace, in which the rights of individuals and peoples are fully implemented, in accordance with rules established by the international community”.

With its G20 Presidency and partnership with the United Kingdom in preparation for the UN Conference on Climate Change – COP26, Italy is determined to lead a change in paradigm and re-define the rules of the post-pandemic world to build societies that are more resilient, sustainable and respectful of human rights.

The Global Health Summit of Rome has given concrete answers to the crisis, ultimately accelerating the global vaccination campaign, and the Rome Declaration puts forth a framework of principles ensuring that the global community will not be caught unprepared in case of new, future health crises. The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has taught us that there can be no economic prosperity without social development or environmental sustainability. For this reason, Italy’s solution for coming out stronger from the crisis also stems from the awareness of the multidimensional impact of the pandemic.

We are proud of Italy’s commitment, expressed also through the extraordinary efforts of our Armed Forces and Police in keeping world peace and security.

We firmly believe the international community has the strategic vision, the financial and human resources, and the determination necessary to overcome and emerge from the crisis stronger and more resolute. In this new-found ideal of an effective multilateralism, each and every one of us must be put in the condition to make our contribution, including the most affected by the pandemic, and here I am referring especially to women and youths. Only by working together can we make this “transition” toward the future, which has already become our present.

It is with confidence and hope that I thank all of you, Italian women and men, wholeheartedly, for your constant commitment and warmly wish you a Happy Festa della Repubblica!

Viva l’Italia!