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76ma UNGA – Evento di alto Livello “Transformative Action for Nature and People”

Intervento del Ministro per la Transizione Ecologica, Roberto Cingolani, all’ Evento di alto Livello “Transformative Action for Nature and People”. —

Excellencies and colleagues,

Italy has endorsed the ‘Leaders Pledge for Nature’ last year and has given a central role to nature and biodiversity in the Presidency’s agenda for the G20.

In July, the G20 Ministers of Environment, under Italy’s Presidency, approved the Communique which is identifying the need to harness Nature-based solutions or Ecosystem-based approaches to address the interconnected challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and poverty.

Talking about the UN Family, with UNESCO, Italy promoted a Network of international environmental experts, meant to improve capacity building and offer technical support for the management of parks and natural areas of high value.

Ours is not only an international commitment. It is a national priority too. It is clearly included in our National Plan for Recovery and Resilience, as I had the opportunity to present at the IUCN World Congress of Marseille recently.

We have developed a number of national programmes, such as the digitalization of protected natural areas, the renaturation project for the Po River – the largest Italian river – and other minor rivers in the country, and the “Urban Forestry Plan”.

Considering the projects included in the National Recovery plan to preserve water resources and to address the hydrogeological instability, Italy is investing billions to make our communities more resilient through healthy ecosystems and habitats.

Today, it is our responsibility to raise global awareness, to set ambitious and realistic goals and to preserve our natural capital in favour of our communities. We need to act, for present and future generations.

Thank you.