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Assemblea Generale – 11ma Sessione Speciale di Emergenza in Riunione Plenaria

Discorso pronunciato dall’Italia alla 11ma Sessione Speciale di Emergenza dell’Assemblea Generale in Riunione Plenaria sull’Ucraina convocata in base alla Risoluzione 377, “Uniting for peace” —

Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, dear Colleagues,

Italy aligns itself with the statement of the European Union and wishes to add the following remarks in its national capacity.

We do welcome the convening of this Emergency Special Session. Following the impossibility for the Security Council to discharge its duties and adopt its own resolution on the matter, due to the veto of the Russian Federation, the General Assembly had an obligation to make its voice heard in front of such a grave threat to international peace and security. We are thankful to those Members of the Security Council that made this possible.

Italy, together with its EU partners and allies, has made its position clear all along throughout this entire crisis, with statements and consistent acts, standing firmly in support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and in full solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

The unprovoked aggression decided by the Russian leadership is a blatant violation of international law and the UN Charter, and, as such, it has to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. The involvement of Belarus, as facilitator of the Russian aggression, is also to be condemned.

In close coordination with EU partners and allies, we have implemented unprecedented economic and financial sanctions, including on Belarus. As already stated, further steps will have to be taken if the assault against Ukraine continues.

We call upon the Russian Federation to stop immediately its action and to withdraw its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, extending to territorial waters.

We urge the Russian Federation to respect the principles set in the UN Charter and in the Declaration on Friendly Relations, to abide by the Minsk Agreements and to redirect urgently its actions towards a peaceful solution.

We trust that the General Assembly will, through the adoption of the tabled draft Resolution, show cohesion and determination in dealing with a situation that is threatening the existence of a Member State, causing a growing number of casualties, including civilians and children and, ultimately, is undermining the very essence of multilateral relations.

Mr. President,

Russia’s actions are causing enormous human suffering and triggering a humanitarian disaster.

We express our heartfelt solidarity with Ukraine and its people and we mourn all the victims of this senseless war.

Together with our EU partners and building on the support it has provided since 2014, Italy is scaling up its financial and material support to strengthen the capabilities and resilience of Ukraine, with an amount of around 110 million euros, in aid credit and grants, and additional contributions.

We are also determined to provide increased humanitarian support to assist the people of Ukraine in these dramatic circumstances.

In this context, international humanitarian law must be upheld. Safe and unhindered humanitarian access must be granted. The humanitarian staff must be protected. We welcome the convening of a meeting of the Security Council on the humanitarian dimension of this crisis, later today, and we hope that the discussions will lead to the adoption of a concrete deliverable.

Lastly, we acknowledge and support the statements of the Secretary General in defence of the principles of the UN Charter and his action in support of the humanitarian needs in Ukraine.

Italy will remain actively engaged, in close coordination with its European partners and allies, and reaching out to the broader Membership in favor of the immediate halt of this aggression and in support of the urgent return to a peaceful path.

I thank you, Mr. President.