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General Assembly – Eleventh Emergency Special Session in Plenary Meeting

Statement delivered by Italy at the Eleventh Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly in plenary meeting on Ukraine, convened under Resolution 377 entitled “Uniting for peace” —

Mr. President,

As one of its main sponsors, Italy voted in favor of the Resolution just adopted by the General Assembly.

The reasons for this vote were clearly explained in our national statement on the first day of this Emergency Special Session, as well as in the Explanation of Vote delivered today, before the vote, by the EU, to which we align ourselves. In light of the incapacity of the Security Council to adopt its own resolution, the General Assembly had the right and the obligation to make its voice heard!

Today this voice was heard loud and clear. The exceptionally high number of co-sponsorships and the overwhelming majority of favorable votes do not leave any doubt about the level of determination of the General Assembly in standing with Ukraine and Ukrainian people, against the ongoing Russian aggression, in support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and in defense of the UN Charter. We are particularly grateful to all the Member States that voted in favor.

We sincerely hope that, in the face of such a powerful stance by this Assembly, the Russian Federation will reverse its unacceptable course of action, by putting an immediate end to its military aggression, withdrawing its troops from the Ukrainian territory, and returning to a peaceful path.

As stated by the Secretary General, there is always time to resort to peace, thus stopping the unacceptable loss and suffering of so many people, civilians, women and children. That time is now!

I thank you.