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ECOSOC – Roundtable Discussion during Management Segment

Leveraging ECOSOC for an inclusive and resilient recovery guided by the 2030 Agenda

Roundtable Discussion during Management Segment

Thursday, 9 June 2022

10:00 -12:00 (NY Time)


Thank you very much, Madame President.

At the outset, allow me to thank you for your leadership and the Management Segment of ECOSOC for this year. I also wish to thank the panelists for their important contributions to this discussion.

Today’s roundtable is confirming that the bodies, commissions and fora directly linked to ECOSOC constitute one of the Council’s most important assets.

By dealing with a wide range of issues in the economic, social, environmental, humanitarian, development and human rights domains, the UN System and Member States continue to rely on ECOSOC as a key platform for learning, debate, exchange, negotiations and decisions which can advance national and international efforts for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and all other relevant international frameworks.

Today, as also registered by the Secretary General’s Progress Report on the SDGs, we are currently not on track for the implementation of the SDGs, mostly due to the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, of climate change, of increased conflicts and protracted crises and their respective localized, regional and global impacts.

The work of ECOSOC, its commissions and subsidiary bodies is therefore even more important than in the past, in order to understand today’s challenges and relaunch multilateral cooperation for the acceleration of our actions. ECOSOC guidance continues to be relevant for both the UN System and Member States actions, also acknowledging the key contribution of stakeholders, including civil society, youth and all the major groups. We fully support an increasingly more inclusive and engaging ECOSOC with all stakeholders, also in line with the vision of Our Common Agenda proposed by the Secretary-General.

In my current capacity as Co-Facilitator of the next HLPF Ministerial Declaration, which negotiation is advancing towards to its key moments, I am witnessing first hand both the richness of the inputs coming from the wider UN System and ECOSOC as well as the strong appetite of Member States to address the high number of challenges and dynamics related to the status of implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

While the work is still ongoing, I can certainly confirm that all the work presented by the speakers is being thoroughly discussed in the negotiations, as we are leaning towards a comprehensive and ambitious Declaration for this year.

Overall and looking forward, I believe there is still room for improving our processes and mechanisms in the future, especially in terms of maximizing impact and general, operative guidance and, in this regard, we welcome the process of review of ECOSOC Subsidiary bodies as well as the recent reviews of ECOSOC and HLPF.

You can continue to count on Italy’s full engagement to improve and maximize the impact of ECOSOC, the HLPF and all the relevant bodies, in this and the next cycles, as we also prepare to join the next ECOSOC Bureau. It will be important to continue modernizing the work of ECOSOC and make it even more effective, efficient and ready to address today’s global challenges.

I thank you.