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UNSC Arria-Formula Meeting : “Collective Security through equitable burden sharing: strengthening regional arrangements or the maintenance of international peace and security”

UNSC Arria-Formula Meeting

“Collective Security through equitable burden sharing:
strengthening regional arrangements or the maintenance of international peace and security”

27 July 2022


Statement by the Permanent Representative of Italy, Amb. Maurizio Massari


Mr. Chairman,

Italy aligns itself with the EU statement to be delivered and thanks the Government of Ghana for organizing this timely debate.

I will focus on three points, on a national level.


Preventing conflicts should take a more prominent place in the activities of the UN system. In line with Secretary-General’s commitment, it is time to change the paradigm from crisis management to conflict prevention and sustaining peace.

Conflict prevention must address the root causes of tensions and potential conflicts. This makes the role of regional and sub regional organizations even more essential.

They are often the first to identify risks of potential conflicts.

They can find the right toolbox to intervene, fostering local capacities.

They are themselves powerful examples of confidence building among their members.

Their partnership with the UN, as envisioned under Chapter VIII of the UN Charter, is critical to maintain international peace and security.


It is time for a more ambitious collaboration between the Security Council and regional and sub-regional organization.

The Security Council should have constant consultations with them and build on regional efforts, local understanding and expertise, recognizing the cross-border dimension of conflicts and the importance of cooperation with the Peacebuilding Commission.

As regional conflicts continue to both emerge and deepen, the effectiveness of the United Nations rests in large measure on cooperation with regional bodies and among regional bodies, as in the European Union – African Union strategic relationship.

No single organization can alone ensure peace, security and development; partnership is necessary across all levels — from the local, to the regional, to the global. There can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development.


The crucial contribution to peacebuilding provided by regional and sub-regional organizations must be recognized and concretely supported.

African Countries actively participate in peacebuilding and peacekeeping, assuming increasing responsibility for international peace and security.

The African Union, in close collaboration with regional blocs, was successful in facilitating peace agreements and reduced conflict escalation in several countries.

Italy will continue to support the African Peace and Security Architecture with financial assistance, training and capacity building programs and is in favor of using UN-assessed contributions for African-led peace operations, provided that appropriate standards are met.

Italy will also support an ambitious UNGA Resolution on Peacebuilding financing, as well as flexible funding for local peacebuilding programming — especially for women and young people.

Finally, as repeatedly stated by Italy, the issue of Africa’s presence in UN institutions should be also addressed, with specific reference to the Security Council, in order to make it more representative, democratic, accountable, transparent and effective.

Thank you.