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Secretary-General Briefing on “Our Common Agenda”

Secretary-General Briefing on “Our Common Agenda”
4 August 2022

Statement by the Permanent Representative of Italy


Thank you, Mr. President and thank you Mr. Secretary-General for your comprehensive briefing on the status of “Our Common Agenda”. I would like also to thank the co-facilitators for the updates on the OCA processes.

Italy fully aligns with the statement of the European Union and wishes to align a few remarks in our national capacity.

We fully support you, Mr. Secretary General, in your proactive efforts to strengthen multilateralism through action, vision and effectiveness. The bold “Common Agenda” that you have proposed has the potential to deliver on this objective and has become even more relevant and urgent today at one of the most perilous and challenging times since the creation of our United Nations.

Global challenges are on the verge of overwhelming the planet, with the most vulnerable Countries and people that are already paying the multiple prices of an unfinished pandemic, of the triple planetary crisis and of increased conflicts, including Russia’s senseless war of aggression against Ukraine and all its ripple multidimensional effects. Effective action and implementation-oriented multilateralism remains our best, our only tool to address these global challenges for the and promotion of global public goods, aligned with the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.

A few weeks ago, at the HLPF, our Ministers adopted by consensus an important and comprehensive Ministerial Declaration that “in reaffirming the centrality of multilateralism and international cooperation and solidarity, with the United Nations at its core, I quote “took note of Our Common Agenda” “as a concrete vision and a basis for further consideration by Member States to advance the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and climate action, inter alia”, finish quote. Among others, the Ministerial Declaration also recognized some additional proposals of the Common Agenda, even beyond the existing GA negotiations. It is now time to accelerate this action and advance on the work streams of the Common Agenda.

We believe that the work around “Our Common Agenda” implementation can and should create the needed political and diplomatic momentum, which can be further strengthened during the upcoming High-Level Week of the General Assembly and in the preparation of the SDG Summit in 2023 and “Summit for the Future”, which we see as two decisive, complementary and mutually reinforcing processes.

You can count on our full support. I thank you.