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UNDP Executive Board – Second Regular Session

UNDP Executive Board – Second Regular Session

30 August 2022

Statement by Italy

Thank you, Madame Chair.

The Administrator is right when he says that we live in an “uncertainty complex”.

To overcome the multidimensional crises we are faced with, extraordinary efforts and an extraordinary mobilization of funds are needed by all the relevant actors: Governments, UN System, IFIs, the private sector, even civil society. We need the full commitment of all players, working in the same direction and with a substantial unity of criteria and objectives.

Traditional donors and partners of UNDP must do their part and are aware that while UNDP has implemented 94% of its commitments, donors have only attained 33% of their funding compact commitments. Although this mismatch is mostly due to the extraordinary challenges we are currently facing, which are putting public finances under exceptional stress, this situation needs to be redressed.

As also underlined by the Administrator, the increase in humanitarian assistance needs should not reduce the level of funds allocated for development needs. We will try to work on avoiding this trade-off as much as possible, and that will require a well-articulated narrative vis-à-vis our public opinions and some solid example of how synergic humanitarian and development projects can multiply the benefits on the field.

The disparity between core and non-core resources must also be corrected in order to ensure more sufficient and predictable regular resources. Italy has substantially increased its core contribution to UNDP in 2022 and we will try to keep up this trend also next year, while we will also continue to prioritize thematic funds and pooled funds in the overall programming.

Multiyear funding cannot be ensured by countries like ours that have a single year budget cycle, but there can be other ways to better align our program planning with the needs and priorities of UNDP, for example through periodic annual consultations.

Not only do we need more money, we also need “better money”, as underlined by the Administrator, and from this point of view, we fully support the work UNDP is doing on the front of the Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFF). We truly believe this is the right way to go to ensure that Governments fully align their public spending with the SDGs and we see a lot of added value in this endeavor.

In the same spirit, we also support the development of innovative approaches to financing, including through partnerships with the private sector. Some Italian companies have already developed successful partnerships with UNDP on topics closely related to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Final Point, climate action. We fully support the focus in the Strategic Plan on strengthening the fight against climate change, particularly as regards supporting a sustainable and equitable energy transition and we see a lot of potential to further develop our partnership with UNDP in this respect.

Let me conclude, Madame Chair, by reiterating our deep appreciation for the leadership constantly showed by the UNDP Administrator, for the effective action of his managerial staff and for the relentless work of the entire UNDP staff in making sure that the Program continues to provide fundamental support to the development efforts of so many countries around the world.

Thank you.