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Briefing on the Humanitarian Situation in Ukraine


Briefing on the Humanitarian Situation in Ukraine

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Statement of Italy, delivered by Ambassador Maurizio Massari, Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Thank you very much, Madame Chair.

What we heard about the situation in Ukraine is indeed extremely concerning.

I would like to make three main points and then ask a question.

First point is that of course to respond to these growing needs, it is essential that humanitarian actors are in a position to deliver humanitarian assistance wherever and whenever it is needed, safely and unhindered.

Second, at the same time, it is important that our response takes into account the specific needs related both to the cold season and to the unacceptable increase of Russian attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructures, in blatant violation of international humanitarian law.

Italy will continue to do its outmost to assist Ukraine and its people. So far, we have provided 110 million euros as general budget support to the Government of Ukraine and, in addition, more than 41 million euros and 66 tons of goods for the humanitarian emergency of the population.

Further, in addressing the dramatic humanitarian consequences of this unlawful Russian aggression to Ukraine, we must continue to point out the indirect consequences on the already preoccupying global food crisis in the Global South.

We commend and support the UN Black Sea Grain Initiative, which is to be of course extended, and also all the other relevant initiatives fostered by the EU aimed at finding alternative routes such as the “Eu solidarity lanes”.

Finally, coming back to the so-called “winterization”, and I come to the question, Italy would be particularly interested in knowing more about the projects, related to Ukrainian children, both those displaced and those still in active conflict zones, also in light of the Russian military escalation which makes the humanitarian assistance moving the goalposts.

I thank you.