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Arria Formula Meeting on Climate, Peace and Security: Opportunities for the UN Peace and Security Architecture

maeci rappresentanza permanente italia v it
maeci rappresentanza permanente italia v it

thank you for organizing this timely debate.
Italy aligns itself to the statements delivered by the European Union and the Group of Friends on Climate and Security.

Climate change is both an existential threat and a key driver of conflicts.
It is a risk multiplier that asymmetrically affects fragile and conflict-affected communities, exacerbate factors that lead to insecurity, undermine conflict prevention.
The link between the climate emergency and security issues is self evident.
And the Security Council, which is in charge of maintaining international peace and security, is the right forum to address the security issues stemming from climate change.
The nexus between Climate, Peace and Security should be not only part of, but also on top of the agendas of both the Security Council and the Peacebuilding Commission, which can provide strategic advice through direct contacts with communities and regional organizations. No vetoes, nor national interests should hinder this process, as it is the poorest and most vulnerable communities who, once more, would pay the price.
This is why we need a Security Council transparent, representative, accountable, democratic and effective, able to act promptly and effectively on urgent issues, like climate and security, which are threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of people.

We need to integrate a climate perspective into crisis prevention and peacebuilding efforts.
We must focus on concrete actions in the field, to respond to the requests coming from the countries and communities that are the most affected by climate change.
Italy commends the efforts by the Secretariat to translate this sense of urgency into actions, to ensure coordination between humanitarian, security, and climate programs, towards the “New Agenda for Peace” next year, putting prevention at the core of our efforts.
Because effective peacebuilding can indeed make a difference, discovering new potentials for peace.
Through inclusive peacebuilding, for example, communities can find a way to work together, to preserve and restore natural resources instead of competing for them, building trust and promoting a culture of dialogue, where women and youth can play a major role.

Italy supports and will continue to support the initiatives that are aimed to address the nexus climate peace and security, also recognizing the fundamental role played by regional organizations, especially in those parts of the world affected particularly hard by climate change.
Efforts by the Pacific Island Forum and the African Union to integrate climate change into the peace and security architecture represent leading examples of the relevance of regional organizations also in this sector. That’s why next week, diplomats and experts from Pacific Small Island Developing States will gather in Italy to analyze sustainable development, climate change, global scenarios and impacts while, as we speak, the International Center of Excellence on environmental protection, recently set up by Italian Carabinieri close to Rome, trains military and police forces, as well as civilians with a specific attention to officials coming from LDC.
I thank you.