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Introduction of the Resolution on “Sustainable Mountain Development”


Item Agenda 18 (k)

Introduction of the Resolution on “Sustainable Mountain Development”

22 November 2022

Statement of Italy delivered by Amb. Gianluca Greco

Distinguished Chair, Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to introduce draft resolution A/C.2/77/L.34 on “Sustainable Mountain Development”, also on behalf of Kyrgyzstan.

Firstly, allow me to share our appreciation for the constructive engagement of all the delegations during the informal consultations.

Secondly, I would like to highlight how the draft resolution contributes to the promotion of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Mountains are home to millions of people that often live at risk of extreme natural events, with limited access to health, education and economic systems. Achieving sustainable mountain development would have a direct impact on lives and livelihoods in local mountain communities all over the world.

Mountain regions are also a place where traditions and knowledge of Indigenous Peoples are preserved. Their ‘intangible heritage’ enriches the global community, providing inspiration for realizing a more sustainable relationship between humankind and the environment.

Mountains provide indications of climate change through phenomena such as modifications to biodiversity, retreat of mountain glaciers and flash floods, with heavy impacts on sources of freshwater in the world. Protecting mountain ecosystems means reducing vulnerability to climate change.

The draft resolution therefore encourages Member States to adopt long-term strategies, through holistic and multi-stakeholder approaches, to end poverty, address food insecurity, promote the conservation of biodiversity and fight against social exclusion and disaster risk in mountain areas.


Distinguished Chair,

We remain committed in the activities aimed at the sustainable development of the mountain areas, such as the Five years of action for the Development of Mountain Regions 2023-2037 and the work carried out by the Mountain Partnership.

On behalf of Italy and Kyrgyzstan, I wish to thank all of the co-sponsors of the resolution, whose contribution confirmed a cross-regional engagement on sustainable mountain development.

Our thanks also to the colleagues of the Bureau, the Secretariat and FAO for their support.

Thank you.