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Statement of Italy at the Joint ECOSOC-Peacebuilding Commission Meeting delivered by Italy’s DPR Greco

Sala 2

Joint ECOSOC-Peacebuilding Commission Meeting,  December 2nd, 2022

Thank you Chair and thank you to all the panelists for their interesting contributions during this panel.

Italy, as current ECOSOC Vice President and incoming Peacebuilding Commission member and UN Women Executive Board’s Vice President, warmly welcomes this joint meeting and its interactions. We intend to build upon these discussions during our mandate.

As said, we are facing increasingly multi-dimensional and inter-connected challenges. that show that the “business as usual” approach would not be enough.

A full and effective implementation of the humanitarian-peace-development nexus has become a priority dictated by evidence and we welcome and fully support the increased efforts of the UN System in this regard.

However, progress still requires additional and mutual efforts: from policy-guidance, coherence and support to the financing, to programming coordination to enhanced multi-stakeholder engagement.

At policy level, we encourage further coordination and synergies among all the UN entities and we will actively promote such approaches, not only between ECOSOC and the PBC, but also with the General Assembly and the Security Council. In this context, we will also promote specific cross-cutting topics, such as on food security, climate change and their implications for peacebuilding and sustaining peace.

At the implementation level, I have one question for the panelists. Given that the UN Agencies, Funds and Programs are already at the frontlines of the implementation on the nexus, which are currently the major obstacles to its full and effective implementation? And which would be good practices ready to be scaled-up?

Thank you.