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Security Council Open Debate on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace: Investing in people to enhance resilience against complex challenges

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Security Council Open Debate on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace:
Investing in people to enhance resilience against complex challenges

26 January 2023

Statement of Italy delivered by the Deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador Gianluca Greco


Thank you Madame President,

I thank Japan for organizing today’s debate.

Italy aligns itself to the statement to be delivered by the European Union.

I will add a few points on my national capacity.


To build and sustain peace, we must truly believe in a rules-based international order with the United Nations at the forefront of the efforts to ensure peace and security, safeguard human rights and achieve sustainable development.

As today’s event suggest, we must invest in people and – I will add – communities.


Engaging societies beyond political elites, grounding our action in a deep knowledge of the communities and peoples we serve.

Restoring the youth’s trust towards national Authorities and international governance.

Centering our action on the needs and knowledge of people.

Promoting peaceful, just and inclusive societies, centered on human rights and on a solid relation between peoples and their territories.

Integrating a gender perspective in all policies and taking measures to advance the participation and protection of women, youth, and marginalized groups or communities, all along prioritizing the safeguard of their rights.

Aligning international support with the priorities of communities: equal access to work opportunities, youth employment, quality education and high-quality and resilient infrastructure, eradication of poverty, environmentally sustainable and climate-resilient economies and communities, reduction of inequalities.




Italy believes that investing in people means to invest also in multilateralism.

It means revitalizing the mechanisms contained in Chapter VI of the Charter and investing in national capacities for prevention.

It means addressing the root causes of tensions and potential conflicts, building on the role of regional and sub regional organizations.

It means respecting the national ownership and the heritage of local communities, forging a more sustainable relationship between human settlements and the environment.

It means to deliver on the 2030 Agenda.

It means to defeat global food insecurity. Ensuring access to food, starting from those most in need, is an international and moral obligation we must fulfill.

It means to strengthen global cooperation among all regions and member states, giving priority to the needs of the most vulnerable countries and regions, including the devastating effects of climate change and its direct consequences on peace and security.

It means providing peacebuilding with sustainable, adequate, predictable and flexible financing, including through significant assessed contributions, as well as to increase investments to support climate-resilient peacebuilding and conflict-sensitive adaptation measures.

It means to work for a more ambitious and structured collaboration between the Peacebuilding Commission and the Security Council.

It means recognizing that multilateralism is the best tool for conflict prevention, which in turns is most effective when solidly grounded on a regional approach.


Mr. President,


We need international cooperation, yet we face fragmentation.

This is my final and main point for today’s debate.

We cannot divide ourselves between the North and the South of the World.

Italy intends to bridge this increasing, devastating divide, to restore trust, to find common grounds.

We owe it to our peoples, our communities, our territories.

Thank you.