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Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Maurizio Massari at ECOSOC Special Meeting Unleashing the transformative power of SDG16: Improving governance and reducing corruption – May 2, 2023


Madame President, distinguished panelists and colleagues,

Let me express Italy’s appreciation for the organization of the Special Meeting of the Council on SDG 16 on improving governance and reducing corruption.

Italy aligns itself with the statement (to be) delivered by the European Union and its Members States and we wish to add a few remarks in our national capacity.

The importance to improve inclusive governance and combating corruption cannot be overestimated. This component of SDG 16 is absolutely key to achieve the whole of the 2030

Italy is promoting SDG 16 as a key enabler for the SDGs, nationally and internationally, both at policy and operational levels, working with key UN partners such as UNDESA, UNDP, UNODC, UNICRI and specialized IGOs’, such as IDLO.

The 4^ SDG 16 Rome Conference at the end of the month will further discuss the role of “SDG 16 as a compass for navigating intersecting crises” and will include a specific sub-theme on rebuilding trust in public institutions through “strengthening accountability, transparency and tackling corruption”. We encourage all actors to engage at the Conference.

At policy level, I also wish to recall that the Italian G20 Presidency in 2021 promoted the first ever G20 High-Level Principles on corruption related to organized crime, on preventing and combating corruption in emergencies.

At national level, since 2012 the Italian Anticorruption Authority (ANAC) is the National Independent Authority in charge of anticorruption strategies and integrity of the public sector through both regulatory and supervisory functions.

Let me also recall that here at the UN Italy also promotes and facilitates the General Assembly Resolution on the UN Programs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice which fosters multilateral cooperation and capacity-building in the multifaceted aspects of transnational crimes, including in the fight against corruption.

We believe that all these contributions, including from this meeting, will be instrumental to ensure that these aspects are well reflected in the next SDG Summit and its Political Declaration, while recalling that the next HLPF in 2024 will also do a new in-depth review of SDG 16.

Let me conclude with one remark: I think that in fighting corruption, there is room for improving and deepening cooperation between the UN and regional organizations, also to give even more regional ownership to this common endeavor. So, I’d like to hear the view of the panelists on this.


I thank you.