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Statement by Italy’s Permanent Representative Amb. Maurizio Massari at UN Security Council’s Open Debate: Peace through dialogue: the contribution of regional, subregional and bilateral arrangements to the prevention and peaceful resolution of disputes” under the agenda item “Maintenance of international peace and security”


Mr Chair,

Congratulations on convening this timely open debate.

Italy aligns itself with the statement to be delivered] by the European Union and would like to add the following comments in its national capacity.

The current, devastating crisis scenarios confirm the urgency to change the paradigm from crisis management to conflict prevention.

They also show the importance to work on three levels of trust:

  • in relations between States;
  • in relations between institutions and citizens;
  • in relations between the United Nations and Member States.

Regional organizations are able to strengthen the circle of trust on all these levels, filling the gap between societies, national authorities and the UN system.

I would like to highlight four points.


Solid partnerships between the United Nations and regional organizations are essential for effective multilateralism.

Engaging regional organizations in the prevention and peaceful settlement of disputes is in the interest of the United Nations and of the Security Council.

So, Italy fully supports the vision of the New Agenda for Peace: a bottom-up, widespread system of conflict prevention based on the development of national strategies that are anchored in human rights and the rule of law; that take advantage of the role of regional organizations and receive effective and concrete support from the United Nations, acting in solidarity and complementarity.


Regional organizations can make a difference on all the building blocks of crisis prevention and sustainable peace: development, rule of law, inclusiveness, human rights, gender equality and empowerment.

Coordination among regional organizations make their action even more effective. The cooperation between the European Union and the African Union is a living example.


The Peacebuilding Commission is in a unique position to flank the United Nations and regional organizations.

To untap this potential, the PBC must be able to offer concrete help and solutions to the regional organizations that turn to it, including adequate funding for peacebuilding activities.

Italy has just doubled the annual contribution to the Peacebuilding Fund and is committed to ensuring adequate, predictable and sustained financing for peacebuilding, also through UN-assessed contributions.


Regional and sub-regional organizations’ contribution to peace must be recognized and supported.

African Countries participate in peacebuilding and peacekeeping, assuming increasing responsibility for international peace and security.

Italy will continue to support the African Peace and Security Architecture through financial assistance, training and capacity building programs.

We will continue to stress the importance to secure predictable resources for African-led peace operations.

Finally, the issue of Africa’s presence within UN institutions should also be addressed – with specific reference to the Security Council – as part of the overarching objective of making the Council more representative, democratic, accountable, transparent and effective.

Thank you.