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Statement by Italy at UN General Assembly meeting under agenda item 63 entitled “use of the veto”, following the veto cast by one permanent member during the meeting of the Security Council on 24 April 2024, under the agenda item “Nonproliferation”.


Mr. President,

Italy fully aligns itself with the statement delivered by the European Union and would like to add some considerations in its national capacity.
Italy expresses profound concern on Russia’s recent veto at the Security Council, blocking the resolution on Weapons of Mass Destruction in Outer Space co-sponsored by sixty-three UN Member States.

We share the alarm voiced today by many member States regarding the importance of ensuring the peaceful use of outer space. We recall Russia’s responsibility, as a permanent member of the Security Council, in maintaining international peace and security, as well as the need to prevent an arms race in outer space.

Promoting the continued peaceful uses of space is a priority for the entire International Community: a nuclear detonation in outer space would prevent all States from benefiting from the use of satellites for agriculture, weather, environmental protection and management of natural resources, with dramatic effects also on Sustainable Development Goals. Vetoing initiatives aimed at enforcing global security and tackling major global challenges impedes progress towards international peace and security.

Moreover, this veto is a stark reminder of the current and dangerous challenges that we continue to face in upholding the principles of the United Nations Charter and the rule of law in the international arena.

Mr. President, Italy reiterates the existing obligation in the Outer Space Treaty prohibiting the placement of nuclear weapons in orbit around Earth and calls upon all States not to develop nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction specifically designed to be placed in outer space.

I thank you Mr President