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Italy’s National Postal Service Agency at the forefront of Sustainable Innovation at the United Nations – An interview for the “Voci dal Palazzo di Vetro” podcast

New York, 16 June 2022 – The latest episode from the podcast of the Italian Mission to the UN “Voci dal Palazzo di Vetro” (Voices from the Glass Palace) is with Marcello Grosso, Head of Sustainable Development and Risk Compliance of the Italian Postal Service Group. In an interview with the podcast’s hosts, Mr Grosso has explained why the Italian Postal Service Agency founded 160 years ago is now spearheading Italy’s Global Compact Network, the national branch of the UN Global Compact.

Marcello Grosso, recently appointed Italy’s “SDG Pioneer” for 2022, has shed a light on how Poste Italiane, Italy’s National Postal Service Agency, has been striving to implement the principles undergirding the UN Global Compact. This world pact urges companies all over the world to adopt sustainable policies, abide by corporate social responsibility, and release the results of the actions undertaken to these ends. It encompasses more than 15,000 enterprises from everywhere in the world, with more than 400 based in Italy.

The Agenda2030 for sustainable development with its 17 Goals, aka “Sustainable Development Goals” or SDGs, is the overarching set of tenets informing the company’s strategic plan and is guiding Poste Italiane’s recent initiatives to foster the “sustainable growth” of its business. These include more than ten projects financed to boost gender equality and provide support to women victims of violence, alongside targeted investments in the renewables’ sector to advance the transition to low-carbon logistics and the 2022 overhaul of its entire fleet through the full transition to low-emission vehicles.

Among the themes covered in this episode, Marcello Grosso stressed the importance of Poste Italiane’s significant action at local level to provide zero-emission services in 800 small municipalities and 35 city centers by 2024.

This episode belongs to the “CommITted Enterprises” series and is part of the UN campaign to promote and share good practices of the Italian companies committed to sustainable innovation.

Listen to this episode here: