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Italy’s Statement at the Security Council Debate ‘Futureproofing Trust for Sustaining Peace – May 3, 2023

Madame. Chair,

Congratulations for convening this timely open debate and best wishes for your month of Presidency.

Italy aligns itself to the statement to be delivered by the European Union and would like to add the following comments in its national capacity.

Dear Colleagues,

When peacebuilding and sustaining peace are at stake, we must be ready to set aside national priorities and find a common ground, showing that the United Nations is able to listen, to understand the root causes of conflict, and deliver.

To achieve this goal and restore the circle of trust, we need to fill the gap between societies and the UN bodies entrusted with their peace and security.

It is essential to respect the needs, the aspirations and the proposals of the Countries and communities under consideration.

The Security Council and the Peacebuilding Commission have a special responsibility in this regard.

They should:

  • engage societies beyond political elites, grounding action in a deep knowledge of affected communities and peoples;
  • promote peaceful, just and inclusive societies, centered on human rights and on a solid relationship between peoples and their territories;
  • integrate a gender perspective in all policies and advance the participation and protection of women, youth, and marginalized groups or communities, while prioritizing the protection of their rights.

As a result, the PBC should build its work on the peacebuilding needs of affected communities with no reference to other agendas.

On the other hand, the Security Council should consider the inputs of the PBC, based on a genuine inclusive approach, as the natural starting point for its decision-making.

Madame Chair,

Dear Colleagues,

Let’s consider the New Agenda for Peace a call for action to restore trust in an effective multilateralism, able to prevent conflict and maintain lasting peace.

First, getting back on track with the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, starting with food security, leaving no one behind;

Second, respecting national ownership and support regional prevention efforts;

Third, supporting human rights and fundamental freedoms, the rule of law, the systematic integration of the Women Peace and Security agenda, a rules-based international order founded on the UN Charter, the protection of children in armed conflict;

Fourth, recognizing the climate-security nexus and its wide implications, investing in inclusivity, preserving access to resources for borderland communities;

Fifth, considering peacebuilding and peacekeeping as parts of a unique peace continuum to achieve sustainable political solutions, supporting peacebuilding also through assessed contributions;

Sixth, aligning international support with the priorities of communities, through a people-centered approach to crises: equal access to work opportunities, youth employment, quality education, high quality and resilient infrastructures, eradication of poverty, environmentally sustainable and climate-resilient economies and communities, and a reduction of inequalities.

I know that these priorities are widely shared in this room.

Our common ground is much greater than our differences.

Italy is committed to bridge the current, devastating divide, and restore trust.

Thank you.