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Discorso pronunciato dall’Ambasciatore Sebastiano Cardi, Rappresentante Permanente dell’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite, al Panel ECOSOC di Alto Livello sui Flussi Finanziari Illeciti provenienti dall’Africa

First allow me to commend the President of ECOSOC for convening this important event, along with the Chair and the entire High-Level Panel for the great job they have done.

The report submitted to our attention is impressive – not only for its contents, but also for its original and effective graphic presentation.

Italy welcomes the scientifically-based survey conducted by the High-Level Panel, chaired by HE Thabo Mbeki. We admire the bold analyses contained in many parts of the report. It is of great importance that the report underlines all factors that facilitate, even encourage, unlawful conduct and related crimes.

Today’s threat posed by Daesh in the Mediterranean and in the Sahel Region, among others, requires an even stronger international cooperation in this field.

This is why Italy considers African Countries and institutions as indispensable actors and essential partners in combating illegal activities, organized crime and terrorism.

While facilitating the omnibus resolution on crime prevention and criminal justice and strongly supporting (and co-sponsoring) the AU resolution on UNAFRI, we have always encouraged developing sustainable institutional capabilities, as well as advanced skills and professionalism of public officers and private stakeholders.

Our commitment with the other member states to strengthening the region’s public sector and its ability to respond to critical issues lies on the assumption that transparent, fair and participated institutions are the baseline for any preventive action.
In this framework Italy has long shared its experience and best practices with African Countries. Our financial institutions and law enforcement, as well as prosecution offices and the judiciary, are continuing to provide training and cooperation and important partnerships have been signed and implemented.

Border control and financial activities are among the main fields in which we are engaged. In addition to our commitments within European Union and relevant international bodies’ projects, training courses have been organized by the Italian Guardia di Finanza in favor of around 400 African Border and Customs officers over the last few years.

Let me conclude recalling, our well-established collaboration in the field of security and judicial cooperation with countries in the Maghreb region as well as our numerous bilateral initiatives in this field with countries in every region of Africa, from East to West, from North to South, all attest to our engagement in contributing to making the world –and Africa in particular- more safe and secure.