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Riflessioni conclusive pronunciate dall’Ambasciatore Sebastiano Cardi, Rappresentante Permanente dell’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite, alla prima riunione dello Steering Committee on Partnerships for Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we get ready to adjourn this very historic occasion and embark on a journey together for the betterment of SIDS, I wish to take the opportunity to humbly express my honor at having been appointed by the President of the General Assembly to serve as one of the Co-chair to this Steering Committee on partnerships for Small Island Developing States.

As was mentioned earlier by my distinguished Co-chair, Ambassador Sareer, the Steering Committee, and the partnership framework that we will oversee, was first brought to life in the SAMOA Pathway. Indeed, the concept of the partnership framework was a cornerstone of that document, and it is something that set that Pathway apart from other intergovernmental agreements. It signalled a seriousness in the approach it would take to partnerships. No more empty commitments, or pledges soon forgotten. Strong partnerships are critical to achieving the future we want for SIDS. I therefore would like to congratulate you all for this tremendous achievement, in particular, to Ambassador Sareer for his strong leadership as the Chair of AOSIS.

As many distinguished delegates have indicated, this Steering Committee will be a catalyst to ensure the full implementation of the partnerships for SIDS. I am committed, together with Ambassador Sareer, to lead this important Committee to support the follow-up of existing, and promote and advocate for the launch of new, SIDS partnerships. Italy has a long history of partnership with the SIDS, and I am delighted to be able to continue this legacy in the context of the Steering Committee.

As we have heard, the reporting template and the online platform developed by UN-DESA will be an important instrument not just for reporting, but also to allow SIDS partnerships to identify synergies and coordinate with each other. We encourage all SIDS partnerships to utilize this useful tool, and we thank UN-DESA for its work thus far.

We must maintain the level of engagement on display here today throughout the elaboration of the SIDS Partnership Framework, and indeed in all aspects of SAMOA follow-up. The Framework and the Steering Committee will be successful only if the vision and the good intentions are transformed into reality.


It is in this vein that we the Co-Chairs propose that we continue to meet at this level on a quarterly basis, and we look foward to meeting more regularly. We therefore request that you indicate your delegation’s interest to join us monthly to continue the Committee’s work. Please register your interest to either the teams of Maldives and Italy or the Secretariat.

Let me conclude by thanking all on behalf of my Co-Chair and myself for your attendance.

I hope this Steering Committee meeting has helped re-energize our common endeavor in supporting SIDS.

When we work together in partnership, we will succeed.

Thank you.

The Meeting is hereby adjourned.